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Welcome to my listography! Learn more about me by reading the lists ♡

Konaki Rikou follows:
  • Hello! My name is Rikou, you can also call me Konaki.
  • I'm an artist and writer.
      • I aspire to become more skilled and release my own comics and games in the future.
  • Some of my side hobbies include :
      • Watching anime.
      • Reading manga.
      • Playing video games.
      • Studying languages.
      • Trying to make my own music.
  • Specific things I like include :
      • Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons.
      • Mystic Messenger.
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  • English
      • Most likely you've already assumed so, but my first language is English.
    • I'm fluent and have been speaking it for my entire life. I will speak in English by default.
  • Japanese
      • I've been studying 日本語 (Japanese) since 2013.
    • I know almost all Hiragana and Katakana characters, (I still get confused with a few of them).
    • I know very few Kanji, and that makes reading difficult. Unless I use Google Translate, which is not always correct.
    • I may struggle to read Japanese, but on the bright side, I know a vast variety of ...
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A list of some of my characters, separated by the story they appear in! Click their link to read more about them~



  • Mimori
  • Leo
  • Tsubomi
  • Ren
  • Takumi
  • Tomoda
  • Julian
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Below is a list of my social media accounts and such! If you come across someone online that appears to be me, but isn't on this list, don't immediately assume it is me. Ask me for confirmation first!

I am on more sites, but I'll only list the ones I'm most active on!

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