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Welcome to my listography! Learn more about me by reading the lists ♡

  • Hello! My name is Rikou, you can also call me Konaki.
  • I'm an artist and writer.
      • I aspire to become more skilled and release my own comics and games in the future.
  • Some of my side hobbies include :
      • Watching anime.
      • Reading manga.
      • Playing video games.
      • Studying languages.
      • Trying to make my own music.
  • Specific things I like include :
      • Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons.
      • Mystic Messenger.
      • Love Live! School Idol Festival.
      • SHINee, fripSide, Yousei Teikoku.
    • Lots more! If you want to know if we have more in common, tell me things you like, or ask me for more~
  • I try not to give too much of my personal information away online!
      • Forgive me if I avoid answering specific questions. Regardless of that, I'm friendly, so don't be afraid to message me anytime! I wish we get along well~ ^^
jan 1 2018 ∞
may 22 2020 +