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I like watching beautiful people smoke. I like harmful smells. I like beautiful boys with thick english accents. i like books. i like quotes. i like like. i don't believe in love yet.
I'm pure wanderlust. i want to fly out of this galaxy. i want to be part of the ocean. i want to believe in love.
I'm an Alice in a not-so-much-as Wonderland.

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books (Rory's Book Club's Book List)
  • alaska young (not that i want to die in a car crash)
  • summer finn (500 days of summer)
  • ally (remember me)
  • catherine earnshaw (not that i want to die from love but i adore heathcliff)
  • effy (skins)
  • cassie (skins)
  • blair waldorf (GGirl)
  • samantha darko (i just love that she got to meet that damn morbid bunny)
  • Elena (vampire diaries)
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