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I like watching beautiful people smoke. I like harmful smells. I like beautiful boys with thick english accents. i like books. i like quotes. i like like. i don't believe in love yet.
I'm pure wanderlust. i want to fly out of this galaxy. i want to be part of the ocean. i want to believe in love.
I'm an Alice in a not-so-much-as Wonderland.

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  • getting a disease.
  • an airplane engine crashing through the house and killing me.
  • being murdered.
  • dying of a disease.
  • something climbing out of the toilet while i'm in it.
  • driving or someone driving. i always think i'm going to die.
  • rain while driving.
  • someone breaking into the house.
  • sinkholes
  • going crazy
  • someone following me
  • earthquakes
  • someone under the bed. not a monster, a person waiting to kill me.
  • elevators
  • leaving the bedroom door a little open.
  • airplane crashes
  • someone murdering me while im in the shower
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