Things that I am proud of/were on others' Bucket Lists/will remind me that I am special and a great person (hopefully!) (***proudest of)

I have:

  • adopted shelter pets
  • been back to my very first home
  • been to NYC
  • created a website and maintained it for 15 years***
  • donated to several charities
  • eaten a snail
  • signed the Caylee's Law petition on
  • finished a book in a day
  • finished a book in an hour
  • saved someone's life***
  • seen Saturn, Jupiter, several moons, Mars, and a star cluster***
  • won awards for writing
  • gone to college
  • had a 4.0 GPA for 3 semesters in a row in college***
  • made the Dean's List every semester in college***
  • read (at least) 1000 books
  • had an online relationship that turned into a REAL relationship lasting 6 wonderful years!
  • held a newborn baby
  • met someone I knew from the Internet (5)
  • eaten sushi
  • read all of the Harry Potter books
  • flown by myself
  • watched (at least) 1000 movies
  • watched all the Harry Potter movies in theaters
  • watched all the Star Wars movies in theaters(original release for 6 of 7-missed ESB)
  • written AND mailed letters to celebrities
jul 20 2011 ∞
dec 25 2018 +