• I always cover my drink with a napkin or a plastic baggie because I'm afraid of bugs getting into it.
  • I don't like having long thumbnails at all.
  • I hate everything mint - and when I say hate, I mean GET THAT !@!#$%^&^ AWAY FROM ME! - except for mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  • I hate grapes, raisins, and anything grape...except grape jelly. Why, I don't know.
  • I can always tell when someone has moved something of mine.
  • I can move my left middle finger back and forth over the knucklebone - it looks creepy.
    • I can't do it anymore! AAAAGE!!!!
  • I hate listening to my own voice. It makes me sound less intelligent than I really am, and it doesn't sound like me at all.
  • I prefer shower curtains to be left open when not in use - you never know who could be lurking on the other side of them.
  • I hate looking at closeups of teeth - bad OR good. It just freaks me out.
  • I like to put chips IN my sandwich.
  • I still like kid stuff.
    • I like kid stuff from other countries.
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