i hate forgetting things on my head :/


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I write this solely because:

  • I'm not a typical REAL girl
  • All my brain cells are occupied so im shit @ remembering girls stuff..

alright excuse my shitty excuse does anybody read that? no? good.


  • KAYY jung the angel will guide you to the light youd better kiss my feet!! :"D

1) how does a skincare regime steps begin?

  • primer is a must! (but not necessarily)
  • toner >> moisturizer
  • work the eyebrow pencil job
  • sunscreen to protect you
  • apply your foundie . Remember to tap it on your face NOT rubbing it!
  • next is concealer (if you have)
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#Facts numbere 514

  • someone who question 'whats the fucking purpose as to why was mosquitoes created in the first place' to God on daily basis.
  • i dont believe in friendship. That thing doesnt exist.
    • People just like to make use of you. Take you for granted. A leech behavior, i call it. lets forget i write this aHAHAH
  • as of 180729, is a cadokhew :')
  • i believed the storks that sent me to my family rn had mistaken his/her delivery to INA.
    • I told my mom that, and her expression read like "God, are you smoking weed? My daughter get off of your high horse ¯\(ツ)/¯"
  • I stutter everytime i speak indonesian fo...
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listen up fucker, i AM LOST

this are all that i need to get my hands on, what i have to update, but hell i have no time T----T

  • Wings Tour Japan
  • do FESTA too!! 2017
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  • Bon Voyage 1
  • Bon Voyage 2
  • Wings Tour Seoul
  • Wings Tour Final
  • Wings Tour Japan Edition
  • Wings Tour Saitama
  • Burn The Stage
  • Memories 2016
  • Memories 2017
  • Epilogue Japan
  • interview japan in sugafull yt channel
  • The 3rd Muster
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Entry #180729

  • Why do people think like, 'mating' is the only way to survive? As in, if you keep on being single, its actually a problem? Like... finding someone to become your bf/gf is the topmost priority over many other important things like making yourself happy for example.


  • "Leaving you didn't just break you. It broke me too. I was hurting just as much as you were. But we were never going to make it, you know it too. And one of us had to make a move before it destroyed the both of us. This is our reality, i'm sorry"
      • the truth untold for you. In this house we dont spill the brand, but yep you know ...
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since idk whether i'll succeed in learning korean or not.. well some of my understanding has seen some lights tho~ a lot of times i forget, so i decide to write this because some words are just plain beautiful to be brushed off

  • 영원히 기역할거야
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  • i wanna wake up in a calm turquoise beach (but there has to be wave in it because tbh i kinda dislike quiet beach), run to the shore at like... 5 am just to see the sunrise
    • i am sucks at being romatic i know,but when im in the mood i am cheesy yucks



  • Since I live in the area where sun scorching its heat 25/8, i wanna see seasons, heck. Idk whether my future will grant me ticket of living in another country with 4 seasons theme or not, but I wanna know. I wanna enjoy what God gives to this beautiful world in the form of seasons. I ho...
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