• IM ACTUALLY AFRSID DOMEONE WILL SEE THIS SHAHAHAJ WHAT DO I DO also this is an epic evident that i dont waste my youth only for studying yessir thankyiu

i know im sinning but everyone does too so eeeeeeee

seat belts fastened? check.

tissues for possible tears and nosebleed? check.

holy water for the eyes? taken directly from the cleansing sins fountain

  • and even tho a significant other to cuddle to is currently unavailable .-.



P.S: I only share those who cause a dent impact to my brain.


setting a fire and the teasing game at 13............/is it tears or nosebleed idek ;v; / "the warming up bed" terminology? yes yes real pure like a fresh milk babe youre a legend

anyone on breadcrumb nation must have KNOWN this legend. periodt.

im not sure how this ends actually :/ anyway no explanation is needed since i know this by heart

ONE OF MY BABIES!!! never fail to drain my tear duct ;---;

another masterpiece. still remember the gun stroking? ah yes never cease to amaze *wipe a sudden nosebleed*

Heaven Can Wait in text is now available to read!! real beautiful, one of my babies ♡ :""" *sobsss*

MY FIRST ANGST RIDE MY LOVELIEST BABY. "do you want to trade yoongi?" "you can have the stars, heck i will give you the universe but i just want you jimin" AGSGSGSHSJS MY HEARTS

does this need an explaination tho? RUGHT NOPE. one of my first babies youre always loved inside and out

ONE OF MY FIRST BABIES. _no need explanations

the 1st yoonmin babies wooo!!! the LOTS making process tho aha *drools*

2nd yoonmin babies and is a girl! ;u; the endless spurts and abrupt position changing will always remain engraved beautifully on my sulcus gyrus that i also feel it in my south ;p;

the heat is INTENSE in here. the countless spurts are always engraved in my brain *sobs*

yoongs and jm share one dream, no one wants to budge yet at the end ;--;♡ yoongs is so in love at some point it hurts

one of my fave ;-; yoongs become a cat just to get close to jm and when his spell expired... IM NOT GONNA SPILL IT HERE AHAHAHAHA

clenching fist while tears roll down my face another legend, real beautiful

one of the first abo tattooed on my brain ( °♡°)/~ this corner of my brain will forever belong to you another sweet angst perfect combo legend

adoption chaps will always be my fave ♡v♡


dragon yoongles! you wont fail at memorizing this plot ff, sincerely known by heart

aha yes still fresh on my mind not gonna lie. sweat inducing in that kind of way *coughcough*

bathroom poetry writing with spidol. cute 9/10

_yoongles is as straight as noodles?__ and then he falls in love ahshsjak real beautifull

yoongles the druglord, jm, peach

rider yoongs, waiter jm its crack at one point

this masterpiece which really lived ip the Paris In The Rain mood :') you have a corner to call home in my brain babes

this is the "HYPOTHETICALLY..." baby! post breakup and all but it turned sweet tear jerking stuff ayes good time indeed

this is (not) just sooo good goddamn how do i phrase it in this chaps we witness twitter sex star yoongles meets the ordinary park jims guy okay good? good.

soulmate au where you dream the death of your loved ones. jm dreams yg will die of young age, while yoongs sees jm meets death by suicide bcs of the aftermath witnessing yg's death. PET NAMES SUCKER SCREAM AMEN!! also wants a quick painful death with bittersweet coping feeling? heck yess read this

badboy yoongles x school's sweethearts park chimchim. REAL FLUFF YOULL DIE OF ROTTING TOOTH

forever engraved in hearts and brain. MY BABIESS. yoongs treats his lone life to a fancy restaurant but look whom he got as a surprise

SHOULD I EXPLAIN THO??? AGSGSHSJSK also one of my babies that i visit often

single parent jiminnie x lil kookie x yoongles with a lil ocd. im a sucker to single parent!yoonmin,sue me ;----; This is a sweet combo, kinda messy but a baby nonetheless.

one of satisfying escaping experience that is :')) park mingi, min ren.. you know these babies. also the steamy moment in sequal two agsvshsksk YOU WOULDNT ASK FOR ANYTHING ANYMORE aka the slipping finger after the knot srunk and yg just calmly 'hey' mind you brain bleach wE NEED A FUCKING BRAIN BLEACH

to put it in better words, this is a whole (almost complete) packaged meal.. you named it: abo, "i want your pups inside me" WHICH IS A PERFECT POINT SINCE IM WEAK, also a lil daddy kink touch in a sentence in which i remember sounds like "so you want daddy to put his pups inside?" AGSHSJSKSKSL WE'RE SINNING SO NECKDEEP I DONT REGRET EVERY OUNCE OF IT

ITS TWIN YOONMIN BABIES DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN MORE?? sugardadies abo stuff sgsgshsksk yg sets 3 rules yet he broke it all off when his babies is jimminies ㅠ♡ㅠ

another yoonmin babies AND abo. kinda cliche but worth reading nontheless °u°♡

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