• Dream 1: Starts off with my going to SFSU, and walking around. I go into a classroom and sit down with other people that I know. I end up meeting Sarah and as I walk out the door my friend Jericho says "what's up man," and I say "what's goooood man?" Jericho says hey right that down on my notebook and I did. Sarah and I walk around the place. She says wait for me and leaves her stuff on the chair. I'm waiting and some guys come and try to move our stuff and I'm like wtf man at least ask if you want to use the chair, and he said whatever. So I move Sarah's stuff and realize my backpack was on that chair. I walk up to them and try to get it back. They were messing with me while I was trying to get my backpack. I finally got it back and sat down, and I guess I muttered something that pissed them off. So I apparently teleported on top of their table and did some low kick all around the table knocking everyone out. I teleport to a near by desk to make it seem like I didn't do anything, but one of the admins walk up to me and says to sit next to him. I get up and apparently it was some weird cubical type desk, and on that desk were "options" because I was getting kicked out of SFSU. In my head I was like wtf I don't even go here, but I picked one anyways. Out of all the ones I saw I liked University of Hawaii instead so I chose that. I left and was talking to my friends and was like, "oh shit. I just got banned from SFSU, and I'm going to Hawaii." I was paranoid because I apparently set in motion something that shouldn't have happened. So while I'm talking to my friends, a cop comes by and asks if I was the one who knocked out the people. We somehow get into a conversation about how she wasn't a cop, but CIA. I then proceeded to go inside her apartment which leads to dream 2.
  • Dream 2: I ended up in a jail cell with Tyrese Gibson and John Malkovich. Apparently some guy named "Crow" escaped the prison that we were in and got the two excited. The guard who was inside before forgot to lock the door and for some reason the lock was on the inside of the cell. So I'm messing with it and notice there's a guard who's sitting on his ass watching tv and falling asleep. TG and JM asked if he was asleep yet and I said yeah. We walked outta the cell, and it turned into some fancy room with the guard at a fancy desk looking like he's about to wake up. When he goes back to sleep, four of us, yeah four (idk who the hell the other guy was) tie up the guard and steal his keys. The three who weren't me had katana blades that were dull and didn't have a handle. We leave the room to go free the other prisoners and I swear I was thinking the whole time that they were locked in Country Way (A restaurant). I unlock the door and behold more people from the movie Con Air were moving towards the exit. So I thought hell this is what I'm dreaming, I'll just go with it. I rush ahead with a few others and realize that I'd probably be one of the first ones shot, so I run back to JM and his group. He was like what're you doing back here, and told him what I thought about being in the front. He said, "Well good, at least you have a brain. You can help us." Gun shots pop off put it wasn't enough to kill the mob that was now in front of us. As we continued walking by we noticed the cops were female and that their clothes were torn, their weapons gone, and were left standing there to watch us stroll by. I stood in the middle of two pathways, and the convicts turned into students. To the right were people which seemed like they were still pressing on from escaping from jail and on the left people were running because my friend CJ was screaming, "OMG A DOLLAR FOR AN OUNCE OF WEED," as he was running down the stairs. Now for some odd reason I started running next to him, and he pushes me and I fall like 10 steps unharmed on my feet. C vanishes and there's a crowd starting to gather around some guy and I was like it's probably the weed guy. So I walk up and some guy was handing out like seasoned gummy worms. He said only one each. I grabbed one and bit it. I asked the dude what was in the gummy worms. All he said was "LSD man". I was like well fuck alright. I turned to see my friend Shermaine biting her gummy worm. I messed with her for a bit and asked if she's tried LSD before, and she said once or twice. I told her that there was LSD in the gummy worms, and she got shocked and started to freak. I said the most randomest thing. "Do you want to live or die?" She says live and I said ok let's go. So I grab her by the arm and Shermaine turned into my friend Beverly, and we run out of a movie theater around a corner and sat down at a table near some other people. In the background I hear Wu Tang Clan playing (probably because my laptop was playing it at the time), and I wanted to sing the lyrics but I thought that the people in front of my would take offense to saying the N word so I didn't. I leaned over to look at my Beverly's phone and she's like zooming in on her text to the point you can't see shit. I was messing with her and she asked if I felt the excited. I guess she meant if the LSD kicked in, but I have no idea because it turned into dream 3.
  • Dream 3: I ended up in some gigantic mall, and it was apparently a field trip with a buddy system even though we were college students. My partner which was never named was a tall white guy who was pretty cool. We toured the mall and we had to stop at a bathroom. It was a locker room and a bathroom at the same time. I must've taken the longest number 1 I had in my life. I turned around to notice by partner leaving so I had to hurry up. I walk outside, and there's 3 ways to go. I go downstairs and walk into a big ass arcade and find a baby following me in the middle of the floor. He just didn't want to leave so I pulled the if you don't go I'm gonna leave you here type of things. My sister walks up to me and I just leave the baby with her because I was getting a call. My buddy says it's time for the school brunch or something and said to go upstairs. There's people on the escalator with a car receipt when you get your car fixed. I got into the line and a spotlight just came down on the line to walk into a buffet area. Then all the lights turned on and I sat down next to my friend Beau and Joe. My other friends Hillary and Zar came after me and sat at the table next to me. So weird loud bell rung and Beau get's up saying, "I'm gonna get me some of that delicious looking broccoli damn it!" I busted out laughing but I looked at it, and it looked freaking amazing. It sucks cause that's where I woke up.
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