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  • it's easy to loose myself in his arms
  • he makes me food stuffs (sometimes without asking!)
  • he believes in me when no one else does
  • our fingers fit together like puzzle pieces
  • he makes the slyest drum beats, the most beautiful lullabies, and the loudest (most rocking no matter what he says) guitar riffs
  • my puppies like him (so I know he's a-okay!)
  • he drives two forevers to spend time with me even though he has things to do the next day
  • he calls me multiple times a day, and is always excited to talk to me
  • he wonders who is inside the plane instead of where they're going
  • he has the cutest laugh in the world
  • he's responsible...way more than I ever will be.
  • he is strong enough to do things that need to be done, no matter how much they hurt
aug 9 2010 ∞
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