• A MAN'S MORALITY | vmin, 81k (philosophical!!!, 19th century (1867, Italy), internalized homophobia, ballerino Jimin, morality, heavy angst)
  • Like Everything Glows | kookmin, 180k (merman Jimin, aquatic veterinarian Jungkook, slowburn, soul bond)
  • Bliss Behind the Burn | kookmin, 398k (angst, high school/ college/ university, mental health issues)
  • 浮世 U K I Y O | yoonmin, 410k (drug lord Yoongi, succubus Jimin, angst, urban fantasy, slow burn, tides and unmoving hummingbirds)
  • What’s a Soul Really Worth, Anyway? | kookmin, 130k (witches, demons, magic AU, demon Jimin, witch Jungkook, angst, seven deadly sins AU)
  • Up We Go | taegimin, 100k (witches, magic, depression, anxiety, polyamory, slow burn, angst with a happy ending, character death. Taehyung has a green thumb, Jimin runs a magical store, and Yoongi can kind of see dead people)
dec 2 2021 ∞
sep 25 2022 +
  • The Omega Revolution 158k | A/B/O, alpha Jungkook, omega Jimin, war, violence, dystopia, implied/referenced sexual assault, mpreg, political concerns
  • Two Can Play That Game 49k | personal trainer, DILF, single parent Jungkook, teacher Jimin, Dasom is the cutest kid, strangers to lovers, fluff, humor
  • sensitive hearts, glowing in the dark 31k | childhood friends, country jikook, fluff, slow burn, mutual pining, angst but not about the ship, fluff
  • beauty is of soft whisperings 41k | model Jimin, photographer Jungkook, nude modeling, smut, stranges to lovers
  • While Your Lips Are Still Red 78k | A/B/O, werewolf, angst with happy ending, alpha Jungkook, omega Jimin
  • cross my heart 15k |A/B/O, idol Jimin, makeup artist Jungkook, friends to lovers, alpha Jungkook, omega Jimin, fluff, smut
  • Tastes Like Victory 170k | underground boxing, stripper Jimin, boxer Jungkook, lots of angst, enemies...
dec 3 2021 ∞
dec 7 2021 +
  • The Scent of lemons 17k | Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Farmer Jimin, Artist Jungkook, Angst
  • coup de foudre 63k | intern Jungkook, chief director Jimin, sexuality crisis, boss/employee relationship, strangers to lovers, slow burn, fluff and angst
  • Choking on Fantasies 24k | hanahaki disease, angst, so fucking sad idk why I did this to myself, tragedy
  • baby, love me hard and hold me tight 51k | Arranged Marriage, Dance Major Jimin, CEO Jungkook, Light Angst, Misunderstandings, Slow Burn, Happy Ending, Strangers to Lovers
aug 9 2022 ∞
aug 10 2022 +
dec 2 2021 ∞
aug 12 2022 +
  • 浮世 : komorebi yoonmin, 5k | UKIYO sequel, fluff, smut, succubus Jimin, pwp
  • Box of Flowers taekookmin, 109k | pining/unrequited love, so many misunderstandings, angst with happy ending, florist and coffee shop, hurt Jimin, everyone is bad at feelings
  • Somebody to Love taekook, 125k | heavy angst, slow buwn, homophobia, 1950s, lawer Taehyung, law student Jungkook, drag queens, pining, anxiety, cried a lot
  • how to talk to other humans and other va... taekook, 148k | single parent Jungkook, growing up, friends to lovers, barely a college au, philosophical questions, aged-up characters, i love this fic so much
  • Paint vmin, 74k | drag queens, coffee shop, queer, humor, angst, eventual smut, supposedlystraight Taehyung, drag queen Minnie
  • mudlands & yellow acacia vmin, 52k | high school/ college, 1990s, secret admirer, long-distance relationship, first love, mixtapes, angst with happy ending
dec 7 2021 ∞
aug 12 2022 +
  • just another game (that you lose) 415k | gamer Jungkook, CEO son Jimin, angst, zero communication, enemies to lovers, gamer Jimin
  • Devil Dog 151k | war, hybrids, wolf hybrid Jungkook, human Jimin. angst, PSTD (post traumatic stress disorder), strangers to lovers but Jimin thinks they're enemies, smut, marking, scenting, knoting, marine corps, happy ending
  • everything i know brings me back to us 49k | office, exes to lovers, breakup, angst, flashbacks, angst with happy ending
  • Ocean Eyes 49k | college/ university, angst, absolutely love Jimin's character development, unrequited love
  • Wild Things 141k | A/B/O, alpha Jimin, omega Jungkook, roommates, forest wolves, enemies to lovers
  • Stories Above Concrete 100k | writer Jimin, illustrator Jungkook, amnesia, memory loss, slow burn, strangers to lovers, bring tissues, happy endi...
dec 7 2021 ∞
aug 10 2022 +
  • show a little more 65k | burlesque club, dancer Jimin, dancer Jungkook, fuck gender norms, Jungkook is a small-town boy and a panicked gay, humor, smut, fluff
  • Make Me Human (Again) 22k | magic, witch Jimin, cursed Jungkook (he turns into a bunny), Jungkook is so cute, light angst, fluff, magical realism
  • Just a little bit of your heart 38k | A/B/O, arranged marriage, angst with happy ending, alpha Jungkook, omega Jimin
  • Bark for me and I'll bark back for you 17k | A/B/O, human Jimin, werewolf jungkook, humor, fluff, miscommunication but in an funny way, allued to furries
  • The Family Jewels 28k | fluff and humor, modern prince Jimin, art student Jungkook, friends to lovers, long-distance friendship, slow build, first love
  • the second death 22k | spies/ secrets agents, enemies/ fuck budies to lovers, kinda fluff
  • Finally 12k | A/B/O, alpha Jungkook, omega Jimin...
dec 3 2021 ∞
aug 9 2022 +