• The Omega Revolution 158k | A/B/O, alpha Jungkook, omega Jimin, war, violence, dystopia, implied/referenced sexual assault, mpreg, political concerns
  • Two Can Play That Game 49k | personal trainer, DILF, single parent Jungkook, teacher Jimin, Dasom is the cutest kid, strangers to lovers, fluff, humor
  • sensitive hearts, glowing in the dark 31k | childhood friends, country jikook, fluff, slow burn, mutual pining, angst but not about the ship, fluff
  • beauty is of soft whisperings 41k | model Jimin, photographer Jungkook, nude modeling, smut, stranges to lovers
  • While Your Lips Are Still Red 78k | A/B/O, werewolf, angst with happy ending, alpha Jungkook, omega Jimin
  • cross my heart 15k |A/B/O, idol Jimin, makeup artist Jungkook, friends to lovers, alpha Jungkook, omega Jimin, fluff, smut
  • Tastes Like Victory 170k | underground boxing, stripper Jimin, boxer Jungkook, lots of angst, enemies to lovers, blood, violence, happy ending
  • the universe has moved for us 30k | A/B/O, teacher Jimin, neighbors, smut, Jimin is pregnant
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