i want this to be the most perfect vacation ever...

  • brand new trainers (to buy) as i think that our 4 star hotel has a gym.
  • gym shorts/tops/socks/weightlifting gloves
  • J-CUP sports bra as not able to buy just anywhere!
  • new bikinis (to buy) for lotsa rooftop pool sunbathing
  • little floating over thingie cover up for cocktailing
  • toiletries
  • sarong
  • flip-flops
  • camisoles
  • long sleeve tops
  • moschino see-through sweater
  • carhartt thermal or cashmere hoodie
  • tampons
  • every painkiller i can find
  • big long wifebeaters
  • button up tailored shirts for covering up
  • skirts
  • clinique sunblock
  • ipod nano - with both our playlists loaded
  • electrical thingie transformer
  • mafia widow hat
  • sunglasses
  • undies
  • bras
  • supplements, allergy nose spray, lavender gel (stock up), neal's yard roll on remedies, tiger balm because i make him cum so hard he strains his back...
  • ear spools
  • little sundress that francesca bought me
jul 21 2007 ∞
jun 13 2017 +