this is like a rant. only its not. im in pain. not emotionally. only i am. time to get back on the capricorn track!

  • get back to physiotherapy and stick to the program this time- may need help from friendly third parties!
  • sort out my website! it looks like shite and there is alot to update
  • write more down. thought processes happen for a reason.
  • stop getting side tracked by meaningless nights and ridiculous liasons.
  • shoot more. people ask. i haven't said yes. now is the time for change.
  • actually make time for rebecca, i keep letting here down... think it's the whole Timesuckage¬© thing that keeps hapeining.. who knows
  • get that on camera flash sorted.
  • make prints for people. they like it- i like it.
apr 11 2007 ∞
apr 12 2007 +
  • go climbing at harrisons with benty and george.
  • actually make it for a meeting with skitchin.
  • take more pictures and be able to print them.
  • ride motorcross.
  • play a full drum kit without practice pads.
  • have a proper rehearsal space for napoleon.
  • snowboard... oh god i wanna snowboard.
  • surf in croyde when staying at 'little wing' with the boys.
  • surf anywhere hot!
  • id like to sort my room out too!
jul 21 2006 ∞
jul 21 2006 +
  • to be apprecaited more thus paid more.
  • to not have to be on call for ever.
  • when i come bck from away for people to not treat me like ive been on 'holiday'.
  • having to go for dinner with ass monkeys- i'd rather not.
  • having to be nice to idiot gods who are ridiculously self obsessed and stupid.
  • having to deal with overy precious angels of consumption with satisfaction disorders.
  • not ever meeting anyone who thinks im worth a shit.
  • to shoot more.
  • travel more.
  • im bored.
jul 21 2006 ∞
jul 21 2006 +
  • find a way to hang the 12x10ft canvas on the wall so i can utilise it.
  • get my stereo back so i can listen to music.
  • buy a stand so my guitars look nice.
  • source some extra storage for my nonsense things, like underbed storage.
  • buy a nice bookcase and display all the books i really want to show off!
  • make some nice prints of my own work and put one up, give the rest away!
  • put the new bedspread on, everything feels better then.
  • throw out the crappy 'salora' tv that came with the room- it is evil.
  • make a nice bed for the cat :)
  • start getting 'things' so my room will become more of 'me' than just 'room'
  • get a little sofa or bean bags so people can come round and might actually want to hang out!
jul 21 2006 ∞
jul 21 2006 +
  • breaking T7 and T8 in a faux motorcross accident.
  • falling off the top of the 'aparatus' resulting in left arm double fracture.
  • elbow compression fracure, preforming a 'throw in' and slipping over, sometimes breaking your fall with your arms doesnt work in your favour.
  • kicking a chair thus resulting in two broken toes 2 days before flying to palma for 10 days of work- the sand is a bitch on broken toes.
  • everyones favourite- metatarsal x2 in left foot trying to impress a bunch of boys by heel flipping some steps in plymouth and slapping the side of the board. smooth.
  • ankle, running as fast as i could while drunk. all i remember was looking at my shadow in the poavement thinking 'wow that looks cool' before the uneven paving slab...
jul 21 2006 ∞
jul 21 2006 +

its getting better all the time...

  • i get to see Kim everyday!
  • im off to milan fashion week tuesday. partay-a-go-go!
  • i love my job
  • i work like a bastard!
  • i have just been paid loads! yippee!
  • i have a brand new camera and i fukken love it, and its the bestest!
  • my macbook isn't too bad either.
  • i haven't drank for so long i have loads of energy.
  • people keep telling me i have lost weight.
  • i have shaved my beard off- stage 3 here i come..
  • my PT regime starts in T minus 12 hours
  • ghetto basketball starts in 3 weeks
  • i dont give two shits about marty and issy anymore! seriously.
  • im going for dinner with Kim and Poke at ...
mar 8 2007 ∞
mar 8 2007 +
  • stephen hawking explaining to me daigramatically a brief history of time. (sorry but finding the illustrated version is a nightmare!)
  • maybe that michael thomas guy teaching me to speak more languages, that or any cute french girl teaching me, er, french.
  • kurt cobain on technological determinism.
  • otto premingers movie masterclass!
  • one of those scorsese early hollywood lighting lectures. eight HMI's for one close-up headshot type things.
  • craig McDean telling me all the secrets of how to get people to let you shoot for them.
  • i think i quite fancy sitting in on any lecture right now, just to absorb any new knowledge.
jul 21 2006 ∞
jul 21 2006 +