• Well now the ocean speaks and spits and I can hear it from the interstate, And I’m screaming at my brother on a cell phone he’s far away, I’m saying nothing in the past or future ever will feel like today, Until we’re parking in an alley, Just hoping that our shit is safe. -Another Travelin' Song by Bright Eyes
  • I would trade it all in again for a nice stroll in your skin, just to cure what ails. -To Cure What Ails by Shakey Graves
  • We set controls for the heart of the sun; one of the ways that we show our age. -All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem
  • And the rent is too high living here between reasons to live, Where you can't sleep alone, and your memories groan, and the borders of night start to give. -A New Name for Everything by The Weakerthans
  • Who are you to tell me I can't love you the way mothers love daughters? The way Mary was closest to Joseph & babies is close to their fathers. You don't know me and love got a secret handshake and mad inside jokes. -Warm Enough by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment
  • First thing we'd climb a tree, and maybe then we'd talk. Or sit silently, and listen to our thoughts. Illusions of someday, cast in a golden light. No dress rehearsal, this is our lives. -Ahead By A Century by The Tragically Hip
  • Your hair like sweetgrass braided through

We stay busy we always do! My developing state of consciousness Endless roads to nothingness And cities filled with emptiness And crowds of faceless ignorance

I'm over it I'm over it Pull up my anchor, sail my ship Countless ways to feed my kids Countless ways to route my trip I'll harvest this and replant it Harvest this and replant it

Like when the mother met the father Kissed the horizon and gave birth to stars Or when the lovers turned into thunder Then came the breakthrough Then came the storm

Well I'll keep traveling until my heart finds peace But even when it does I'll keep moving Cuz there's so much to see Ground beneath bare feet I love the dark-lit loneliness My greatest teacher peacefulness The wolf I bear the forest with The ever present kiss of mindfulness Compassion wets my every step Well the puddle shimmer and reflect And I hold my shield up must protect Well a suffered heart suffered neglect Initiate this son of god Initiate this daughter god Make us work and feel each part I Mua by Nahko and Medicine for the People

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