• i had a date with the sun today and still feel hot and warmed all over. i spent my teen years trying to fit the moon in my mouth but it wasn't until my twenties that i recognized my own moon face, which warms beneath the sun like lovers reunited. (4/22)
  • coming back and writing here feels like a homecoming. one of these isolated nights i traveled through my past life and everyone i ever wrote to, everyone i so sincerely loved. it was enlightening and touching and thrilling to put that air on again, a skin of someone with a slick mouth and something to say. witnessing the crumbling of a pure hearted romantic - it's hard not to feel weary and jaded with age. i'm here again with the intention of allowing myself the space to express love, as trivial, as grand, as simpering, as illogical as i feel it. reconnecting with the young me who wore their heart for others to see and gifted it in kind with no fear. hello, again. (4/22)
  • when i fantasize about salvation it is never in the form of me outstretching my hand to another. salvation feels like my core lit up so bright i could touch it. salvation feels like standing on my own two feet not asking nobody for nothing. salvation feels like it is mine, like something i own, like something being returned to me, a homecoming. (4/23)
  • rather than something out of this world i want to appear as if i am made of this earth in a way that does not spark awe or reverence, but belonging. tangible, sturdy, familiar... cut from clay, dirt, ash, still water, and roots. i want to be made in the image of the land that raised me. every seed i've planted, all the soil and sand i've sunk my hands into graciously, the rocks i've smoothed in my hand and flung, the steady flow of rain water rushing urgently down the street. i'm nothing alien to this place, i have been here, and it shows in all my blooms. (4/23)
  • less hungry for pleasure or attention than i am ravenous for a humbling sense of being understood simply, like nothing about me or the things i think or the way i am is anything other than familiar, accepted, a piece of the whole. (4/24)
apr 23 2020 ∞
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