• being worried about money and not purchasing books that I perfectly could've bought
  • dropping out of ballet class because I was intimidated by my classmates and teacher
  • finding inspiration by anime and thus not learning human anatomy properly
  • getting dreadful layered haircuts and straightening my hair thinking it would look just as nice as it did on a Japanese person
  • having a "dark" period and just looking/feeling awful, and mostly, not realising I had beautiful assets before my self esteem went to hell.
  • listening to the bullies and not standing up for myself when I have the wit to do it just perfectly.
  • not going to Javi's graduation
  • not keeping my awesome handguides from eighth grade History class!
  • not recording videos of my daily life when I was younger, to watch them in the future. The only ones I have are of me making weird voices, and I'd love to hear my real voice from then.
  • not spending enough time with my English and Croatian great-grandmothers before they had Alzheimer's and died. I was too young to talk to my Croatian great-grandmother, but I'm told her stories were fantastic. Alas, my English wasn't good enough at that time to talk to my English great-grandmother with fluency.
  • not taking enough books from the school library before I left AIS
  • not taking pictures of places that are really meaningful to me, but are now part of the past - one that I recall all the time, with less accuracy that I wish for
  • not taking up an instrument at an early age
  • not urging my mother to change dentists earlier (I could have done without those years of mockery)
  • not visiting Javi enough before she left to Japan
  • painting my bedroom again, blacking out the beautiful faerie
  • procrastinating so much and not putting effort into easy things
  • thinking Leo disregarded me when she always thought good things about me. Paranoia literally made me sick.
  • throwing out the pages of my diaries from first and second grade
  • trying to fit in by attempting grown up things in sixth grade, when I was always meant to be myself instead and those people in my class were really hurtful and I had no reason to listen to them if they made me so sad.
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