• january... starting the year sick. books. movies. playing piano. sleeping too late. thinking about my mom more than i should. trying not to skip meals.
  • february... aveiro. alicia keys and a lot of rnb. debates politicos.
  • march... tired of so much rain. eleições. not that much going on.
  • april... vacation. txts comeback. braga. finally a new tattoo. the girl who asked about my txt tote bag. my industrial being a pain in the ass. more piercings. bonding with a girl ive just met. my birthday, i felt really happy. my friends helping me recording a silly video with my soobin cake. finishing my day listening to txt. 25 de abril. gosto da sensação de estar no meio de uma manifestação.
  • may... starting musical production classes. eurovision mess. 3 hours in a church listening to someone preach and feeling physically ill. dark moon special album. i fell while running and now my hand is all fucked up. senhor de matosinhos.
  • june so far... mini golf. more elections, this time european ones. producing a new song, lets see how long it takes me to finish it. tive alta da psicóloga. b.a.p is back. more vacations. why does it seems impossible to make plans with my friends. walking a lot and reading in the sun. trying to wake up early and eat breakfast every day.
jan 15 2024 ∞
jun 22 2024 +