• my year of rest and relaxation
  • if cats disappeared from the world
  • três cartas a milena jesenská
  • trabalhar cansa
  • on earth we're briefly gorgeous
  • o principezinho
  • breasts and eggs
  • manifesto do partido comunista
  • noites brancas
  • the stranger
  • gente pobre
  • all lovers in the night (cr)
jan 2 2024 ∞
jun 27 2024 +
  • january... starting the year sick. books. movies. playing piano. sleeping too late. thinking about my mom more than i should. trying not to skip meals.
  • february... aveiro. alicia keys and a lot of rnb. debates politicos.
  • march... tired of so much rain. eleições. not that much going on.
  • april... vacation. txts comeback. braga. finally a new tattoo. the girl who asked about my txt tote bag. my industrial being a pain in the ass. more piercings. bonding with a girl ive just met. my birthday, i felt really happy. my friends helping me recording a silly video with my soobin cake. finishing my day listening to txt. 25 de abril. gosto da sensação de estar no meio de uma manifestação.
  • may... starting musical production classes. eurovision mess. 3 hours in a church listening to someone preach and feeling physicall...
jan 15 2024 ∞
jul 21 2024 +
  • slam dunk; reading
  • paranoia agent, watching
  • kaiju no.8; watching
apr 6 2024 ∞
apr 13 2024 +