my friends are awesome, and im pretty sure this is proof. An Ever Growing & Changing List Of Awesome Quotes:

  • Pantea: Oh fuck a nut!/Kyle:Coconuts are the only ones big enough..
  • Pantea: I still have to call the Canadian embassy in LA but..
  • Pantea: I had a kickass raspberry preserve this morning.
  • Jenz: You can't touch that unless you're gonna fucking touch that in bed-- you know?!
  • Lorraine: Oh yea, definitely cuz we've gotta be out of here at 5! (referring to cutting our staff meeting to make the pillow fight)
  • Sam: Haven't you got dibbs on my brother?
  • Jabe: Hi, I'm Jabe/Me: Hi I'm Susan/Sam: SUSAN'S IN LOVE WITH *******!!!
  • Lorraine: Yea, now every time I look at him, I think "you gave my friend the syph..."
  • Kyle: But I really like cock!
  • Steph to her dad: "YOU'RE BRINGING ME DOWN! I'm gonna hang up on you."
  • Chris: Let the food-gasm begin...
  • Kevin: I look fuckin' sexy when I shave!
  • Jenz: ...Yeah, she's near.
  • Moi: Remember Larry-- REMEMBER!!
  • Jenz: He didn't SMELL drunk...
  • Kevin: I have a very manly ass slap.
  • Steph: Save a horse/Me: FUCK YOU
  • Pantea: I'm what you call extra smart.
  • Nate: To me cheap alcohol is the smell of hope.
  • Matt: If you can't bring it home on a tandem bike it's really not worth buying.
  • Shop-keep in Hungary: I sell fruit, NONSTOP!!
  • Kim: It's my happy sqwak!
  • Sam: I was drunk and I think I really meant it
  • Sam: Horrible, evil, bitch-like seeds of doubt.
  • Me: My nipple feels weird./Kim: It's supposed to dissolve in two weeks./Me: WHAT?!?
  • Kim?: Every penny fucking counts--SHUT UP!!
  • Jenz: orgasm in cheap clothing
  • Steph: Theres a time and place for everything, its called college.
  • Lacey: Everybody get quiet, its about to get weird.
  • Steph: Theres too much flannel at that table.
  • Kevin: It gave us the craziest sugar dreams...
  • Steph: I didnt give myself time to mourn the loss of my first tv.
  • Pantea: Well substitute Bloc Party for Persian people.
  • Jenz: His cock has to be reliable-THATS IT.
  • Benha: Some people consider that sexual harassment, Steph considers it a Tuesday.
  • Benha: I gotta watch my ass, its getting too sexy.
  • Kaija: Ive seen an Asian person wrestling a hippie...
  • Tessa: You can masturbate in the cantina but you cant have nine people in your room?
  • Stacy: I would totally masturbate in the cantina..
  • ???: I didnt realize it would be an avalanche of alcohol.
  • Char: His throwing up his meal is to make room for another like a hero.
  • Stu: Sushi boat make me want to go snorkling..
  • Stu: It has a lot of sex in it? Im coming over.
  • ???: Our dogs used to eat the ribbons and so when they pooped its like a present.
  • Kelly: I dont speak bus, which one of you speaks bus?
  • Freddy: I think im gonna puke tonight.
  • Sally: It was dripping something delicious and I think it was crack
  • Josc: ...Five years of swindling people.
  • Stu: The fun thing about eating a lot of pasta and drinking red wine is when you throw up you look like youre dying
  • Stu: Im so down for having cancer instead of being fat.
  • MuiThai: Bitches dont know how to speed!
feb 11 2007 ∞
jul 2 2007 +
user picture jenz: hahahahahahahahahaha i am RIDICULOUS feb 11 2007
user picture jenz: friday night was a wonderful showcase of us and our amazingness... apr 2 2007
user picture SooZUHN: for truth.
user picture kimber: "you don't go to view spots and not make out. shit, i almost made out with susan like 8 times because of view spots." -stephanie apr 3 2007
user picture jenz: i just re-read this list, i fucking LOVE my friends may 22 2007
user picture jenz: michelle! jul 3 2007
user picture jenz: "i don't know what's worse (when we drink), that you are a ho or that i am really honest." jul 29 2007
user picture lonepencil: apparently I'm way funnier via text...making note of this sep 9 2009