• ashley: coke whore, not so good. bad times.
  • chris/hogiu: never really saw eachother, but man were they passive aggressive.
  • elaine: awesome. super talkative but really sweet. also makes dumplings and lets me eat them.
  • liz: never really talked to me. made a dumb mistake but her life was in turmoil. she left.
  • cathryn: pretty cool. open to walking around in her underwear and gave me her extra potstickers!
  • kevin: awesome. we really like to high five. talks a lot. interesting kid. real smart. we get along really well.
  • ray: nicest kid ever! glad i got him in here too. cool, contributes to the jar, or at least will at some point.
  • chizzle: we had some issues, but i still love her.
  • kyle: love him!
  • steph: love her!
  • pantea: she be crazy but i love her!
feb 6 2007 ∞
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