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"My love child tracked me down. I was scared, shocked, angry. Like a dog in a sidecar when it comes loose from the motorcycle."

Sir, the silliness radar is detecting a huge disturbance just north of San Diego, California. Scramble the jets!

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FILMS (watched in 2021)
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  • scuba-diving
  • compose a song...or an entire musical
  • conduct a choir
  • be a producer for a tv show, film or play
  • grow my own fruits & veggies
  • be someone's interior designer
  • spend a whole day without seeing a clock or the time on a phone
  • ask a guy out instead of the other way 'round
  • throw an elegant dinner party
  • learn japanese
  • geocaching
  • travel by myself
  • travel with friends
  • sailing
  • volunteer at a zoo or aquarium or animal shelter
  • teach a dog how to play dead
  • perform stand-up comedy
  • make a voiceover reel
  • learn how to cook fancy chocolates
  • visit chernobyl (or another disaster site)
  • write a screenplay or teleplay
  • try every fruit and veggie at the grocery store
  • run a marathon
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