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janis - 16 (07/09/08) - INTP 4w5 - life path number 8 - "star" and "strength" birth cards


  • i'm actually so terrible at telling people about myself i barely know what to say here man
  • i prefer being called janis by people who don't know me well/strangers but if we're friends you're free to call me bebe or nana ('cause they're derived my actual name)
  • biracial 🇻🇬/🇺🇸 (indigenous)
  • southwest inhabitant (OK)
  • agender, any pronouns + questioning orientation
  • agnostic with an interest in wicca
  • my two moods: 1 / 2
  • i'm really shy and awkward lololoolol talking to people is the scariest shit but i don't have a lot of friends and i really really really want to make some at the same time . who want me ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
  • i'm also really weird. make of that info what you will
  • i like doing old lady stuff like sewing and gardening
  • I play the electric guitar and am currently teaching myself how to play the piano (I play by ear cause I can't read sheet music)
  • i am an enjoyer of many MANY things but my main interests are 80s music (especially obscure bands and post-punk), knickknacks and trinkets, old tech, older/eclectic fashion, history, linguistics, and my characters cough ASHLET hurk achoo what
  • i am a certified melophile!!!!! i listen to everything!!!!!!! I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!! i'm always up for any music recommendations if you have any!!!!!
  • i have a few things wrong with me that kind of mess with how i interact with people (ADD, (quiet) BPD, and social anxiety super swag shichea 🔥💯) so please keep that in mind if i come off some kind of way
  • i also have the worst memory known to man i am so forgetful oh my gosh
  • on that note, if we ever talk and I leave you on read I most likely forgot to respond, i'm not ignoring you i swear 😵 don't hesitate to send me a follow-up message like "hey" or something like that
  • yeah that's it


  • dark themes are frequent/commonplace in my works
  • i primarily focus on my own characters
  • it's REALLY hard for me to become invested/interested in any media (video games, tv series, fandoms, etc) unless it concerns my characters (or if something has a cool storyline) so don't expect to see much fanart or fan characters from me
  • my characters have a lot of myself put into them and help me deal with past experiences so i would really appreciate not having heavy inspiration taken from them lawl
  • i have a strong fondness for anything mid-late 20th century related - a few stories of mine take place in that era
  • my characters are all huge works in progress. Nothing is set in stone, and designs/personalities/names/storylines are subject to change. A lot of change
  • i don't have an art style 😿 do not talk about having an inconsistent style unless your art looks like it's drawn by 20 different people each time you post
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