"The turning point was when I saw the drama 'The Wild Days.' I thought the insert song for it was so great." - 재환, 5th Grade

"I have another worry! I want to become a singer but I don't know how to get there." - 재환, Gwangyang High School, Year 2

"I practiced as if I was dying, so that if they told me to show them something, I would be able to do it." – MyDOL, Episode 4

To the words "It’s your destiny to be an entertainer" he laughed and said "Ey~ my destiny is to be a singer!" - 재환, 120605

"Yesterday, due to recording your solo album, it was really tiring, right? Um, I heard a little bit of it, and I want to sing it for you ... I'll stop here. Since we don't want to leak it! There's something I really want to say. I'm really proud of you!" - 재환, 130731-230731

"It was hard but you held on well, let’s become a better man." - 재환, 2014

  • dreamed of becoming a singer in his fifth year of school
  • began by singing songs in noraebang (karaoke) after playing taekwondo
  • got first place consistently in festivals, such as his neighbourhood's norunsan festival
  • failed several auditions prior to auditioning for jellyfish and was close to giving up becoming a singer
  • entered jellyfish age 20, on november 18, 2011
  • was in the bottom two in the first elimination round of mydol, and the last person selected to become a vixx member
  • admires big bang and shinhwa
  • wants to be similar to kim bumsoo, park hyoshin, kim yeonwoo, and kim gunmo sunbaenims; "i want to touch people with my voice"
  • wants to make an acapella group with yoseob, g.o. and jonghyun
    • "A long time ago, I danced with the stage Fiction. So this stage will be very meaningful to me!"
  • wants to do a duet with sistar's hyorin
  • wants to sing a duet with his oldest brother
    • "(What kind of song would you sing with your brother?) Any song! Every song!"


  • made his first feature on outsider's BYE U performance on show champion 130821 (☆)
  • made an appearance with leo and ravi on mbc picnic live 130902
  • sang all of leo's lines including the big note during leo's absence due to injury, music bank 130906 (☆)
  • made his second feature on J'KYUN's single, ponytail (☆)
  • made his third feature on THE INHERITORS/HEIRS OST, in the name of love (☆)
  • first performance on kbs yoo hee heol's sketchbook with vixx and okdal, 131012 (☆)
  • first performance on kbs immortal song 2, 131012 with vixx as tribute to kim sung jae (☆)
  • first solo performances in vixx's global showcase 'the milky way': turn up the music and in the name of love (☆)
  • first appearance on tvn's perfect singer, 131221 (☆)
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