• name jung taekwoon (정택운)
  • stage name leo (레오)
  • nicknames lion, troop leader, chic taekwoon, father
  • date of birth 19901110
  • position main vocal
  • height 183cm
  • weight 63kg
  • blood type O
  • training period 3 years and 10 months; average 18 hours a day
  • education 3rd year student at howon university (broadcasting department)
  • family mother, father, three older sisters
  • facts
    • his father is a career soldier
    • former national youth soccer team player
    • plays piano 1
    • experienced a slump during his trainee period but improved immensely during the fi...
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  • why he decided to become a singer
    • "During my first year of high school, I was watching Wheesung sunbae singing ‘Walking in the Sky’ at a year-end award ceremony and I fell for his performance, I was really decided on becoming a singer then."
  • "My reason for living is being on stage"
  • "I want to hear them say I have the talent to be considered a main vocalist or an artist"
  • his love for music and soccer
    • "Even when I was an athlete, I was always listening to music. I was originally a kid who liked music, so naturally it turned out like this. Rather than quitting sports to pursue music, I think it’s more that I continued to like music after I st...
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  • "If you want to leave me, I won’t hold on to you?"
  • On his ideal type: "A person I like from the first meeting. Someone I’m attracted to the first time I see them. It’s about feelings, not looks."
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  • bgm
  • "jaehwan-ah!" ('I really hate you'; 'If you don't want to die, then hurry up')
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  • "I’m still a bit shy when I go out on variety programs. Luckily, I’m thankful that my fans know and understand that I’m actually a kind person. In exchange of that, I work much more harder with singing and dancing on stage."
  • "I normally don’t talk much, but I say what’s important."
  • "There's a person who's a bit scary...The hyung who doesn't talk much is the scariest"
  • "It’s not that I intentionally show a scary expression but I think no matter what my first impression is never a soft one. Sometimes there are also fans who misunderstand so I think I have to fix it."
  • "He focuses and listens, but since he doesn’t expose himself people could think he’s shy. He’s open with us, it took a bit of time but we’re comfortable and close now."
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  • likes to listen to music alone
  • defence mechanisms [hiding himself; making himself smaller; holding himself; hanging his head; bowing his body]
  • complete collapse when laughing; turning away/lowering his head/covering his face when he smiles and laughs; "jungsuri" (crown fairy/top of the head)
    • "He’s just embarrassed about showing his smile."
    • (confessing a secret) "I’m someone who knows how to smile"
    • Hongbin and N bullying him over his god-l...
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"I'm chic Taekwoon, but I like babies and puppies." – 엔

  • puppies 1
  • babies/children 1

"Taekwoon also has an angelic side to him. Don't think of him as a bad person" – (엔)

"(Pick one word to describe a member) How about chic for Leo? Actually, he appears aloof a lot, but he’s actually really kind" –

[엔]"This is the coolest kid in our neighbourhood" [원식:] "Gangster, buy me some bread!" – 엔 & 원식

[홍빈]"How would you rank your abs among the members?" "I don't know" [Translator 엔 appears:]"It's difficult to determine the exact rank, but I think somewhere around 3rd" – 홍빈 & 엔

"At first I was really scared of Leo hyung. But after getting to know him, he’s funny. Being chic isn’t his concept, he...

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  • first assessment
    • "My speciality is singing though. You were more impressed by my dancing, so can I sing another song?"
  • mydol advert
  • mission 1
  • top 5 and safe from first elimination
  • ;;;;
  • being a hyung
  • final assessment
  • first member chosen to debut
  • the calendar shoot
  • the nightmare paper game
  • message to the members: "The road we walk on is long. Even so let’s not hurry."
  • to me, VIXX is... "Shade. A place where I can rest, and my heart can be at ease… And a shade that can give me strength again, something like that!"
  • 300 days anniversary
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  • "I'm interested in fashion, so I read a lot of fashion magazines."
  • "Rather than bright colors I prefer clean colors. I like draping or tight styles."
  • "A shirt with a dotted pattern and white cotton pants, perfectly fit for the coming winter."
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"I especially like chicken. I like everything, there’s nothing I don’t like and I eat well."

"I love coffee, so if I’m at a cafe I’m happy"

A list of times Leo has eaten on camera:

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  • bgm sj yesung 'it has to be you'
  • 120412
    • the most awkward photoshoot ever
    • forehead kiss
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