• name lee jaehwan (이재환 / 李宰焕)
  • stage name ken (켄)
  • nickname jayang-dong's seven octaves (jachil)
  • position main vocal
  • date of birth 19920406
  • place of birth seoul, jayang-dong
  • family maknae (two older brothers)
  • blood type AB
  • words jack of all trades / good natured / energizer / distracting / excitable / bubbly / kenjumma
  • symbol fire
  • vixx tv KEN TV

album messages:

friendship rings:


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  • motto | ‘don’t put off what you can do today' (his mom's statement) & 'always work hard (to do well is to work hard)'
  • value | consideration for others
  • food | chicken, hamburger, bread, chocolate, everything
  • drink | cookies and cream frappe
  • colours | black, white
  • season | winter
  • catchphrase | 어떡하지? (ottokaji)
  • superhero | spiderman , iron man
  • superpower | teleportation
  • music | stevie wonder, billy porter, brian mcknight, sung shikyung, kim gunmo, park hyoshin, kim hyojun, eric benet
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  • 131124: the ottokaji song makes a comeback
  • 131203: ... and so does KEN TV
  • 131206: "The reason why VIXX is here today is because of STARLIGHTS. I am really happy that we got #1 today. When we got #1, the other members were all crying. For me, it was an amazing moment. I could see the fans and the other artists, but it was just so amazing – really just like the word, amazing – that my tears didn’t come out. STARLIGHTS, I love you. Jellyfish family, thank you. VIXX will work harder."
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  • the loudest member
  • loves to be cute
  • has an instinct for gag
    • "I naturally love to play pranks. If people react to my words, I feel pleasure."
    • "(N: He's so kind!) Whenever the filming site falls silent, I do a reaction to make the staff laugh."
    • "10asia writer Lee Jeonghwa writes that Ken should appear on more variety programs, suggesting Weekly Idol would be a good place to start."
    • "There’s so many (variety shows) that I can’t just pick one, hing. If I must pick, ‘Infinity Challenge’. I’d be active as a 7D character!"
  • his birthday is 6th april, and he really wants you to know
  • is very quiet sometimes
    • "When he was asked why he didn’t have much to say, he replied modestly, 'Because the members are speaking so well'."
    • "I have two older brothers, but neither of them ever played with me so I guess I d...much affection? (laughs)"
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– all appearances of kentv in vixxtv...

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"The turning point was when I saw the drama 'The Wild Days.' I thought the insert song for it was so great." - 재환, 5th Grade

"I have another worry! I want to become a singer but I don't know how to get there." - 재환, Gwangyang High School, Year 2

"I practiced as if I was dying, so that if they told me to show them something, I would be able to do it." – MyDOL, Episode 4

To the words "It’s your destiny to be an entertainer" he laughed and said "Ey~ my destiny is to be a singer!" - 재환, 120605

"Yesterday, due to recording your solo album, it was really tiring, right? Um, I heard a little bit of it, and I want to sing it for you ... I'll stop here. Since we don't want to leak it! There's something I really want to say. I'm really proud of you!" - 재환, 130731-230731

"It was hard but you held on well, let’s become a better man." - 재환, 2014

  • dreamed of becoming a singer in his fifth year of school
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"For me, Ken has the role of being the bridge between the hyungs and dongsaengs."

"Before debuting, my preparation was lacking so in our debut song, I didn’t have a part. When we were preparing for our second single, I worked really hard to be able to have my own part. I especially listened to Ken hyung’s advice and practiced desperately. Ken originally had a part he was confident in, but he gave it to me. He personally recommended me and asked the composer, 'Wouldn’t it be good if Hyuk had this part?' That’s why I am extremely thankful to Ken hyung."

"There’s no change in the fact that Ken really sets the mood."

"Ken said that he feels old when the youngest member Hyuk takes the stairs, while the others use the elevator."


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