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Now that I live on my own, things are ssoo different. Buying my own everything and making sure I get it done is a huge change. I never would have thought living on my own would be like this. But it is and I've learned that somethings are more important than others. So, the things I must have at all times.

  • Frosted Miniwheats. Do not ask why. I don't think I've ever even had them until now.
  • Frozen Waffles. I could live on those alone.
  • Yoghurt! but none of the weird stuff.
  • Carrots. Still, no idea why I'm obsessed now.
  • Apple Sauce. Apparently I love that, too.
  • Diet Coke... But we aren't surprised about that. at all.

note: Picture is irrelevant to the list, but I can't get enough.

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