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Finally I've gotten used to this city and I'm ready to make the next few years into what I want them to be. This is an ongoing list of all of things I want to do & see before I leave to make the most of my time here...

  • Matisyahu August 25th 2011
  • Kayaking
  • Vietnamese restaurant
  • Betty's Soul Food
  • South Beach
  • Miami City Ballet
  • Local Music
  • Learn how to actually cook! Gruyer & cheddar grilled cheese
  • South Beach Food & Wine Festival
  • Aroma Espresso Bar
  • Record Shop
  • Find the museums
  • Florida Keys
  • Find all the cool, hole-in-the-wall eating joints
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Spring brings on many new feelings and inspirations. Like I do every spring, I was thinking that maybe I should get a blog, but I always start it then it isn't real... So anyway, this year I decided I'll stay with Listography. Like I do every year...

I have recently started reading her blog on a fairly regular basis. I'll be honest, I always thought of "Rachie Jane" as sort of silly, but she has some very real stuff...

Here's to the people who can keep blogs!

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Black Swan... very oddly inspiring. It reminds me that I can do so much more.

Perfection is easier to attain than I think[]

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Because it's my senior year and I know my mom reads it (that way, I can tell her what I want without actually telling her... thats awkward.) I will post more as I think of them... just trying to help you out.

  • A northface. black.
  • Elbow length leather driving gloves
  • Just Dance for wii
  • single diamond Tiffany necklace
  • Axxium manicure from Anthony Vince nail salon at crocker
  • shopping day... or just money for shopping or something like that
  • A giant diamond ring key chain
  • plain black tights. and LOTS of other tights too.
  • Coach Waverly coated canvas wristlet in brass & ivory multi OR the madison leather wristlet in brass & bone
  • ELF giftcard or make up... it's cheap.
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I have this really unhealthy love/obsession with Macaulay Culkin. Seriously. I tried to find all of the movies he's been in but I might be missing a few. I've marked the ones I've seen.

  • Uncle Buck 1989
  • Home Alone 1990
  • My Girl 1991
  • Home Alone 2 1992
  • The Good Son 1993
  • Getting Even With Dad 1994
  • The Pagemaster 1994
  • Richie rich 1994
  • Party Monster 2003
  • Saved! 2004
  • Sex and Breakfast 2009
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I've learned that everything happens for a reason. So many things in my life haven't been given to me, and then something better comes along that I achieve myself. I'm upset now, and it's not fair. And when I think about it, she gets everything she wants and I am nothing. But eventually she will be miss has-been and I will be miss now. High School will be her peak, mine will be the rest of my life.

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There are so many things people need to figure out. For me specifically, I need to learn to love without a lover. It seems not fair that without one, I am lost and lonely. Without one, I ruin friendships with my stupidity. Perhaps I am looking too hard. Perhaps I need to lower my standards. But perhaps, if I am patient, he will come. But for now, a girl can dream...

  • Intelligence is key to my heart. argue with me debate me, I will fall for you.
  • Compassion is vital. A sympathy for something more than himself or humans is almost mandatory.
  • Be an arrogant ass. It's okay to be cocky. It's hot to be cocky. For some reason, girls like that. I like that. But don't go overboard.
  • Be able to watch a bad movie. Come on, girls love anything with a vampire or hey, maybe even Pride and Prejudice. It's a cl...
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Wind me up, be my friend, my life is good

  • I know that I am very privileged.
  • I have the ability to stop and look at the beauty around me
  • I can appreciate life
  • Dance. in all forms at all times.
  • the people with me
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So many things always happen at once... always. So here is a list of things I need to order on the internet. ASAP

  • A new lanyard
  • Matisyahu tickets
  • Long Champs
  • Text books
  • A new phone
  • Work clothes
  • Coach holiday pave stud earrings
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The INs and OUTs of "almost summer." In case you were wondering "almost summer" is a season. I just coined the term... So, here we are: The INs and OUTs of Almost Summer 2011


    • Working Out with prom, college, summer, bathing suit season, graduation, and so many other things approaching, I somehow have so much more time to work out.
    • Journaling I don't know how I'm doing it. Maybe The Carrie Diaries inspired me, but I'm doing really well so far with actually keeping up with it.
    • Being tan I know this was said in the last "INs and OUTs" but I got Jergens Natural Glow Express
    • Moving on and changing I have been so resistant to change for so long (I haven't cut my hair in 5 years) but I am now embracing change. I'm going to get a hair cut, lose a little weight, ...
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The INs and OUTs of late winter and early spring of 2011


    • Sex and the City. Maybe it's just me getting older and liking it more, but most definitely.
    • Cosmopolitan magazine. Once again with the getting older thing, I can't get enough.
    • Staying under the radar
    • The sun
    • Keeping it together
    • Constantly manicured nails
    • Getting some
    • Feeling Fabulous. As if it were ever out of style...


    • Sweats The flu or on your way to dance class are your only exceptions.
    • Rain, snow, and all other weather that isn't at least 60 degrees
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Lists are very soothing. I can't pinpoint it exactly, but maybe I'll figure it out...

  • the organization of a list is nice. I think it helps me organize my thoughts and feelings.
  • While I enjoy listing and find it to be a fairly classy activity, it is not difficult. I have to think a little, of course, but it really isn't hard at all.
  • They look so good. Let's be honest, the world revolves around aesthetics.
  • I can do other things while I make a list, even put the list away for a few minutes.
  • As lame as this sounds, I forget about all of the confusing and buzzing thoughts. I seriously need that time to fill and keep myself busy, but also is calming.
  • No one reads this... I can say what I want and who's going to care?
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OOOHHHH, my life. How often do people have experiences like the ones I have? I am in school, studying, singing to myself... when all of a sudden, Gary Ricketts (an english teacher) walks into the room just I am belting "used to know a bitch named maggie mae, I would be up in those guts like everyday" and I look up. There he is, laughing and asks, "what are you singing?" obviously embarrassed I reply, "uuuhhh Ben Folds." With this he continues on to start a conversation about the song Bitches Ain't Shit. Now see, normally, I love a deep conversation about white man covers of west coast gangster rap, but this was so much different. The thing about Gary Ricketts is that, although he may be awkward, uncomfortable, a human dictionary? But in real life he is a very intelligent, cultured, and interesting man, I enjoy talking to him very much. I hope you understand how potentially wrong this entir...

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Alright. Lets be honest with ourselves here, we will state facts first. I am a teenage girl. I can't ever make up my mind. My opinions are always changing. So here we go, the current list of "I have a huge crush on you but it will only ever happen in my dreams."

  • Ned Hepburn. It's something about a clever, cliche blogger. I can't get enough...
  • Gordon Ramsay. What an ass, but he is just so talented and attractive. man.
  • The Hutchison brothers. frightened rabbit just comes in my house and makes a mess. and I am completely okay with that. Sing me a nice little Scottish lullaby, thanks.
  • John Darnielle. wow. Just wow. The mountain goats are the soothing sounds for a savage beast. I am the beast here, and John...
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Something about words is beautiful. Something about Shakespeare's words are the most beautiful. His work just inspires something in me and there is something about it that captures me. I can't help but to pick out the ones I love. here we go...

- "O! How full of briers is this working day world!"

    • As You Like It

- "Villain, I have done thy mother."

    • Titus Andronicus

- "A plague on both your houses!"

    • Romeo and Juliet

- "In the secret parts of her fortune? O, most true; she is a strumpet. What's the news?"

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I doubt this can be accomplished, but its a dream.

  • French
  • Spanish
  • American Sign Language
  • Dutch
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • German
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Now that I live on my own, things are ssoo different. Buying my own everything and making sure I get it done is a huge change. I never would have thought living on my own would be like this. But it is and I've learned that somethings are more important than others. So, the things I must have at all times.

  • Frosted Miniwheats. Do not ask why. I don't think I've ever even had them until now.
  • Frozen Waffles. I could live on those alone.
  • Yoghurt! but none of the weird stuff.
  • Carrots. Still, no idea why I'm obsessed now.
  • Apple Sauce. Apparently I love that, too.
  • Diet Coke... But we aren't surprised about that. at all.

note: Picture is irrelevant to the list, ...

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The past few days have been spent traveling and vacationing, but it's a little hard to do when it's pouring and you can only take in so much sun... so, I've purchased ATON of paper products.

  • The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa De La Cruz- I regret this purchase. Its not that good, but I thought I would like it.
  • The Kaplan AP US Goverment and Politics study guide- Its necessary... I don't learn anything in class.
  • A leather, soft bound journal- I want to start writing... I wish I were good.
  • The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell- I absolutely love it so far. Brilliant.

lets take a moment to discuss The Carrie Diaries. While less fabulous than I was expecting, still I was unable to put it down. Also, the fact that some things don't exactly match up with series bothers me. But I loved this deeper look into Carrie...

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I have gained so much weight recently... Dear lord, it's pathetic. So, with a show coming up and college just around the corner, we're going to fix this.

  • I have a gym membership... hello!
  • no excuses.
  • Weigh myself on the daily. every morning.
  • actually pay attention to what goes into your mouth!
  • absolutely no making things "okay," if I can't have it, I can't have it.
  • carry around the calorie book and actually pay attention to it
  • don't be stupid... le duh.

I know what I want to look and feel like, and this isn't it.

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To keep myself sane for the next 18 weeks(15 now) I bring my Ipod and try to drown out the senseless drone of girls who want to be made of plastic. So until this hour and a half everyday for 15 more weeks is over and I can finally breathe easily knowing that the only shallowness in my life will be my bathtub, I write this list of which bands I would die to see live, and which ones I already have. thank you. For your information, I bowed while saying thank you.

  • WHY?
  • Matisyahu
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • The Bird and The Bee
  • Tegan and Sara
  • Portugal the Man
  • Trevor Hall
  • Muse
  • Silversun Pickups
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beauty. Anything Francesca Lia Block is pure beauty. So, here I am keeping track of the books I have read, written by her. This is a list in progress...

  • Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur
  • Necklace of kisses
  • Pretty Dead
  • Waters & the Wild
  • Open Letter to Quiet Light
  • How to (un)Cage a Girl
  • Quakeland
  • Blood Roses
  • Psyche in a Dress
  • Ruby
  • Weetzie Bat
  • Witch Baby
  • Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys
  • Missing Angel Juan
  • Baby Be-Bop
  • Ecstasia
  • Primavera
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  • Bishop's (Sherbrooke, Canada)
  • Flagler (St. Augustine, FL)
  • Case (Cleveland, OH)
  • Eugene Lang (NYC)
  • Rollins (Winter Park, FL)
  • New College of Florida (Sarasota, FL)
  • Stetson (Deland, FL)
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Why do I love to dance? The question crosses my mind more often than it should, and yet I seek an answer each time. It's as if I am unsure, but believe me, I am not unsure. I just... forget sometimes.

  • It makes me feel good! There is not a better feeling than going through a dance and knowing all the steps and knowing you did well and looked good doing it!
  • When I dance I all of sudden forget everything. It could be the worst day of all time and as soon as warm-ups start, instantly everything else just melts away.
  • Dancing is the most beautiful form of art. In dancing you can pour your heart out and tell a story with just your body. You can express so much without words and perhaps it is more effective.
  • Anyone can dance. Dance is something that one does when you can't tell someone how you're feeling. Even if you're not a dan...
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