👽 now playing: Me and the Birds by Duster 👽

  • i think i'm getting into another funk
  • but then again it's the beginning of the month
  • this is going to be really fun
  • my head hurts and i can't sleep
  • i just wonder if like. things will get better

👽 now playing: Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself) by Oingo Boingo 👽

  • oh my god i’m so exhausted and it’s not even the second week
  • i need to schedule an appointment for my graphic design class so i can meet with my professor
  • a part of me thinks that he thinks i’m cis and i don’t want to ruin that but at the same time like. he’s a graphic design teacher. he can tell i’m not cis by my handwriting
  • anyways i’m on the bus and i’m starting to flesh individual scenes out for the album in the document
  • it’s gonna be so cliché and bad but that’s all i can do lol

👽 now playing: Right To Know by Oingo Boingo 👽

  • i should buy a protein shake
  • maybe after class
  • i think i’ll just get a water at sb
  • i’m so exhausted i’m carrying my crafts materials to class
  • also were in a lunch rush right now so the bus is taking hella long
  • gives me more time to write

👽 now playing: Mother_Father by Swans 👽

  • i need to see james murphy so bad dude i’ve wanted to see him for five entire years
  • but the problem is that my dads gonna say no
  • cause we’re going to a death grips concert and a 100 gecs concert in may
  • and this one’s in june 😭😭😭
  • and also in fucking PASADENA
  • i mean we’d go down the pasadena freeway again
  • that was the specific freeway judge doom was talking about in Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • i forgot a fucking hairtie.

👽 now playing: Flesh 'N Blood by Oingo Boingo 👽

  • i feel like a failure a little bit
  • i didn't follow the schedule my graphic design teacher made us make at the start of the semester for today
  • i wish things were different i wish i wasn't so tired all the time
  • i slept in but i was out of the house in 10 minutes and i didn't miss my bus so that's good
  • dark at the end of the tunnel is honestly a really nice album
  • it's just got that sot of calmer vibe than other albums so it's good to listen to as background noise
  • i need to stop being a pussy and listen to try to believe lmao

👽 now playing: The Last Time by Danny Elfman 👽

  • there was a cool looking scene kid in here
  • i wanted to say hi
  • maybe they go to the college
  • they looked so cool
  • i wish i could stick to an aesthetic so i can actually you know. work on my appearance more
  • right now i have like "alien that's living on earth and obsessed with the 80s rock scene"
  • that's such a weird crossover i feel so weird

👽 now playing: The Glitzy Hive by Neon Indian 👽

  • i feel like i'm back in freshman year
  • tally hall's back too
  • i'm sitting in the middle of a starbucks right now and i can't stop wishing i was back in 2019
  • i miss it so much
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