⤿ bias: undecided. it's been like a month. i dont think i have ever taken this long to choose a bias. but there's fierce competition between sunwoo, hyunjae, changmin and sangyeon. im so stressed everytime i am reminded of the fact that i still have not chosen a bias.

update: it's 18th june and tbz just won kingdom. i have decided that hyunjae is my bias. after 3 months. he is the first member who caught my attention in reveal mv and after an agonising 3 months i now declare im hyunjae biased. also tbz kingdom im so so so proud of them!!!

⤿ song i've liked pre-stanning: reveal

⤿ what got me into tbz: flower snack shop and come on! the boyz summer vacation rpg edition

⤿ favourite stages:



⤿ favourite songs:

honourable mentions:

may 3 2020 ∞
jun 18 2020 +