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❅ jaehyun/johnny

Johnny and Jaehyun have been roommates for two years. But when Johnny drunk texts him a love confession, Jaehyun doesn’t know what to do Johnny Suh 4m ago are you awake? please be awake. Im drunk and i need to tell you how much i love you

Jung Jaehyun, 27, single, lawyer, father to one shih tzu and two plants, and self-confessed gym rat, thinks that he's content with his life until he meets his new gym instructor, Johnny Suh, who makes him rethink his fairly rigid routine and his idea of happiness.

“Maybe you should try making friends this time.”

“What’s the point Sicheng?” Jaehyun sighed. “They’re all going to die before we do anyway.”

This was Jaehyun's third time going to college and completing another degree. He knew the drill. Humans were only temporary. When the tall boy with the long neck and a seemingly unwavering determination to be friendly sits next to the vampire in class, Jaehyun finds all his principles shaken.

Johnny has twelve days to teach Jaehyun Beethoven's 5th Symphony, but Jaehyun can't play the piano for shit

Jaehyun has to look up to meet his eyes, a feat not so easily accomplished. This alpha is tall, oh god he’s so fucking tall, Jaehyun cries internally. His hair pitch black and with an undercut on the side. His eyes are a dark molasses brown, and his full posture leaves Jaehyun making direct eye contact with his nose if he looks straight ahead.

“Calm down, Jae,” Yuta says to the left of the alpha, but his voice sounds like it's coming from a million miles away, “this is my coworker Johnny.”

❅ jaehyun/mark

Jaehyun's starting to think maybe the universe made a huge mistake about this whole soulmate thing until he sits next to the new Canadian exchange student in last period Literature.

Jaehyun was always the maknae, until new trainee Mark Lee comes along.

“I know Halloween is in two days so I’m awfully late, and there’s no chance they have any Nintendo costumes here, but I want to match with you.”

Mark clears his throat, hoping his voice doesn’t betray him by cracking or being squeaky. “In Walmart costumes?”

“In Walmart costumes.” Jaehyun confirms, grinning.

❅ jaehyun/taeyong

Jaehyun confessed through a letter. But it wasn’t just a letter; it was, for some unfortunate reason, a howler (Hogwarts/Harry Potter AU)

The four times Taeyong kisses someone else besides Jaehyun + the one time he doesn't.

(Or the four times Jaehyun gets jealous + the one time he doesn't)

+a bonus, Taeyong gets jealous, chapter.

Lee Taeyong: barista by day, caped crusader by night.

(minus the cape)

(and the crusading)

(he spends most of his time making sure his sidekick doesn't do something stupid, if he's honest)

part 2 of shitty superhero au

One day Jaehyun meets Taeyong, his first exception to his everything.

Ah. Alright. Jaehyun understands now. These “Paranormal Society” clowns get a free vacation every week of the year where they hunt for an obviously fake monster, and even in the unlikely event that wendigos do turn out to be real - which they aren’t - they’d actually kill them, thereby vindicating all members of the Society of all accountability. Incredible. Taeyong could quite possibly be running the most ingenious scam of all time. Jaehyun almost finds it genuinely impressive.

But Jaehyun looks up into Taeyong’s honey-brown eyes and oh god, he genuinely believes this doesn’t he, he actually thinks that there’s cannibalistic monsters who lives next to the lake and eats people for breakfast.

“I’d love if you’d come with,” Taeyong says, looking up.

Jaehyun instructs his fluttering heart to shut the fuck up and die.

Taeyong offers to take his cousin Mark and his best friend away for a holiday in the sun, eager to give his aunt and uncle, who gave up everything to raise him, a summer to themselves.

He expects to get some artwork done, keep a mild eye on his cousin, and maybe indulge in the occasional cocktail.

He doesn’t plan on crashing head first into the life of heartthrob lifeguard Jaehyun, who can’t understand why the beautiful boy on the beach won’t go near the water.

"You know, whoever lived here before had taped all of the windows shut?”

He frowns as if he’s just remembered the fact and he studies the little kitchen window, eyes trailing along the frame, looking for any clues as to why. He sees nothing. Confused once again, he moves slowly into the living room to look at the windows in there, only half listening as Ten throws out theories. “Maybe the windows leak when it rains. Maybe they hated the smell of fresh air. Maybe there was a murderer in the area. Maybe your neighbor is a murderer who sneaks in through people’s windows to murder them.”

Taeyong rolls his eyes, highly doubtful that his neighbor is secretly a serial killer. He feels like that would have been something the realtor would have mentioned. And even if they were, what would a little bit of tape do to keep a murderer bent on killing him out of his flat?

Taeyong is just about to pose the question to Ten when he stops dead in the center of the living room, eyes wide, and whispers, “Ten, there’s a cat in my living room.”

so much fluff im dying

❅ jaehyun/winwin

Sicheng was born to fly. He’s just a little accident prone.

So when he loses balance trying to receive the Quaffle during the Gryffindor-Slytherin match and slips off his broom, all he can wonder before he hits the pitch is how this didn’t happen sooner.

sooooooooooooooooooooo adorable eep!!!!!!!!!!!

Sicheng falls in love with a man from across the sea.

Jaehyun's ordinary life gets a splash of color when he's rescued by a peculiar trio of heroes.

having an eighteen month old vampire boyfriend isn't easy. especially when he's teething.

communication is key when it comes to human relationships.

turns out the same goes for vampires too.

sequel to bite

Jaehyun’s hands cradle his bowl, palms cozy from the emanating heat. There should be more things in between them, he thinks: language and culture, circumstance and interest. Only—here they are. Sitting across each other, feet by feet and hands by hands, elbows knocking on the same wooden table, just a knowing silence living in the distance. So Jaehyun returns a smile and it says, thank you for being this for me, not caring that neither of them know what “this” is, yet.

It’s a feeling he’s accustomed to by now, anyway.

Or: in which Jaehyun and Sicheng both live in Beijing, and they spend a summer falling hopelessly and helplessly in love.

As an investment banker, Jaehyun knows the importance of not mixing business with feelings. Including hatred. If only Sicheng, a prodigy investor from a rival firm, would stop looking so damn attractive while stealing Jaehyun's clients.

If you’re into discovering new music, need company while studying, or are interested in the personal and romantic failings of our hosts, don’t miss Johnny and Jaehyun’s Night Night radio every Thursday @ 9PM!

(“Doyoung, dude, you can’t just post this shit!”)

❅ jaehyun/yuta

Yuta’s never had anyone like Jaehyun. He tries his best to keep it that way. – Yuta / Jaehyun (College!AU)

❅ jaemin/jeno

Only later that day Jeno realizes that it was the first time he’s struck a deal with a total stranger, though Donghyuck categorizes it as a new, mind-boggling form of flirting.

Or, alternatively: Jeno learns how to actually go past flirting after three years of sidestepping dating in high school.

Jeno finds what (who) he hasn't been looking for.

While people’s mind-voice throws Jaemin off balance, Jeno’s does not. Their complicated friendship sure does, though, but maybe it’s because they'd kissed once and Jaemin just wants to do it again.

part 2 of the manhattan beach 2.0 series

“Should I just blast him from here?” Jaemin asks Jeno, fingers carefully and quietly placing themselves on the small of Jeno’s back. It’s really super fucking ridiculous, the way he feels the warmth of his amplified power coursing through his veins just from having his hand on Jeno and feeling his breath on his skin as Jeno whispers in his ear, “No, you can’t do that.”

(Jaemin's stronger around Jeno, quite literally, and maybe that's not always for the best.)

Jeno knows Na Jaemin, of course he does.

Well, he knows of him anyway. There’s not a single person in this godforsaken high school who doesn’t. Jaemin is everywhere, up in everyone’s business. He hangs out with all the other cool kids and even the teachers greet him in the hallways.

So yes, Jeno knows of him, too, he doesn’t live under a rock, and they've talked, once or twice. But he doesn’t know him and that's fine because they frequent different crowds. Jeno keeps to himself.

Jaemin doesn’t. Jaemin keeps to everyone but to himself.

Everyone knows that, too.

(aka Jaemin is popular and Jeno didn't think he'd care until suddenly he does.)

(BREAKING) Two chaebol heirs seen out together?

CG Group’s Na Jaemin and WYH Corporation’s Lee Jeno were spotted together in Gangnam. They look so handsome together, and they’re only entering their third year of high school. ㅋㅋ It feels weird to be treating kids the same way as idols but even the media has picked up on this. No one has ever seen them out together before, though. Could they be friends or is this just another marketing strategy?

  • [+4637, -224] Wow... They’re not even idols but their aura really makes them seem like it. They’re so high class but only 18 still. I wish they were idols, they would attract muggles like me for sure ㅋㅋ
  • [+2987, -319] No, but what’s with this sudden business article? They’re cute but is this really newsworthy?
  • [+2860, -1726] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah but isn’t this just mediaplay for some new scheme their companies are cooking up?

part 3 of the touch the sky series

jaemin’s always been a charmer, his words effortlessly dripping with honey. maybe it affects jeno a little bit more than it should.

alternatively, the 5 times jaemin makes jeno swoon and the 1 time jeno gives jaemin a taste of his own medicine

When Jeno gets stood up on a date at a Moomin exhibit, the last person in the world he wants to see is Na Jaemin, the speed skater who’s been using up all of his time on the rink. But then Jaemin offers to go see the exhibit with Jeno, and, well. He supposes that there are worse things in life than going on a date in the name of making friends with the enemy.

Jaemin and Jeno are both doctors at the pediatrics ward where there is a high risk of falling (in love).

Jaemin moves back into the NCT Dorm, and Jeno finally gets the chance to tell him how he really feels.

“It’s like what I always say,” Donghyuck interrupts with an unbelievable bravado that tells Jeno he has never once said what was about to come out of his mouth. “Fellas, it’s totally not weird and actually super manly to kiss your bros. Just guys being dudes, dudes being guys, you know?”

Or: Jeno falls, literally and metaphorically, for his best friend Jaemin.

actually burst out laughing at various points throughout this fic. love it!!!

Jeno’s never thought that living with Jaemin would be easy, but having a big fat crush on Jaemin does absolutely nothing but complicate things. Great.

part 1 of heart attack

Jeno was more annoyed at the really low ransom rather than the fact that his boyfriend was kidnapped.

Jeno keeps running into an enemy agent on his missions. Donghyuck thinks it's romantic, Mark thinks it's a potential security breach, Jisung thinks it's hilarious, and Jeno thinks it's just plain annoying.

Heteronormativity can go fuck itself.

"Why," Jeno says slowly, "does it ask how long we've been dating?"

Jaemin shrugs. "It still pays a lot, and see?" he points at the requirements. "We meet all of them, technically."

Participants must be over the age of 18, currently living together, and in a committed, monogamous romantic relationship.

(Or: Jeno and Jaemin, broke college students and best friends, pretend to date in order to earn some money.)

❅ jaemin/jisung

sometimes jisung wishes he wasn’t such a great best friend, because if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be awake at five in the morning on the set of some short film his best friend chenle is starring in. that thought process goes out the window the second he meets jaemin.

Jaemin harrumphs and stalks down the next Bloomingdale's aisle. “You don’t understand—only I’m allowed to have a glow up.”

(Or: Jisung wasn’t supposed to get hot when Jaemin abandoned him for college.)

❅ jaemin/lucas

jaemin stops by the magic shop yukhei works at.

or, yukhei isn't good at impressing pretty boys.

❅ jaemin/mark

na jaemin is going to be the death of him, he’s sure of it.

alternatively, five times jaemin flirted with mark and the one time mark flirts back.

❅ jaemin/renjun

Jaemin just wants to drink his coffee in peace. Everyone keeps making fun of him, his best friend, his classmates, even the cute barista at Starbucks.

❅ jeno/renjun

Jeno wonders whether anyone in his class is really a Legilimens. He doesn’t know that much about them or whether they’d even react to something so dumb like someone yelling internally. Regardless, Jeno is bored, and doesn’t see why he can’t at least try.

He takes a deep breath, ignoring the weird look from the Ravenclaw sitting next to him. He clears his head the best he can and closes his eyes, before imagining himself screaming at the top of his lungs.

A chair clatters to the floor, and Jeno opens his eyes. Renjun’s on the ground, with his hands over his ears.

Jeno doesn’t mean to stare, but there’s something about the boy with the vibrant red hair that captures his attention.

Renjun has to deal with love potions, tea leaf readings, and the smell of throw up. – Renjun / Jeno (Harry Potter!AU)

Jeno is convinced that he’s terrible at dating. He wants someone to practice with, and who better with than his best friend, Renjun. — Jeno / Renjun (Highschool!AU)

It's Renjun's birthday! — Renjun / Jeno (College!AU)

sequel to runner boy and his cup

For Renjun, the line between fate and coincidence blurs. -- Renjun / Jeno

heavily related to runner boy and his cup

Renjun's struggles. - Renjun/Jeno renjun's pov of runner boy and his cup

Renjun juggles a secret admirer, his best friend's life crisis, and Lee Jeno. — Renjun / Jeno (Highschool!AU)

Google search: How do you politely ask if someone is a vampire?

-a place where one feels safe, a place from which one's strength of character is drawn, a place where one feels at home.

Alternatively, Renjun is a new student in Jeno's college. Jeno thinks he is cute, like, really cute, like, really really cute-oh no now Jeno's in love.

Renjun's first kiss is stolen by one of his friends while they are in the haunted house. Interestingly, Jeno keeps avoiding him afterwards. In a hindsight, Renjun should've probably guessed why but he's stupidly oblivious at times and this, it's one of those times.

❅ johnny/taeil

Youngho doesn't look like he'd enjoy reading Shakespeare in his spare time, but he does. Taeil doesn't look like he'd kiss Youngho first, but he does.

Someone keeps buying all the Yongpuffs, and a guy in Taeil's 10AM morning lecture won't bring his own pen. — Taeil / Youngho (College!AU)

❅ johnny/taeyong

Taeyong isn't sure what he's thinking (or if he's even really thinking at all) when he reaches for the sticky note and slips it into the first chapter of Johnny's book.

When Johnny— alpha, twenty-seven, freelance photographer— moves from his beloved hometown of Chicago into an apartment complex in Seoul in order to pursue his dream job, the last thing he expects is to get attached to his new neighbor Taeyong, an omega and a single parent, and Taeyong’s six year old son Donghyuck.

But people often find home in unlikely places,

and Johnny might just have found his.

taeyong gets matched as a blood donor to an all-powerful vampire who spends too much time on the internet

❅ johnny/ten

Johnny is that unapproachable beacon of light that Ten can't help but cling to.

The only problem is Johnny has no idea who he is.

(AKA: Ten swears it wasn't intentional that his computer broke down and the first page that opens when his crush repairs it is gay porn)

“You ground me,” Ten breathes out. Slow and careful, like everything about this has been. “I’m kind of in love with you, Johnny Seo.”

Or: Ten finds more than just a viable career path at SM Entertainment.

In fact, Johnny realizes, the state of Illinois hasn’t had any claim to superpowered fame since Kitty Pryde made it to the X-Men. Whatever it is in that New York City water has yet to make it westward, and so an intangible mutant from Deerfield is the full extent of how much Illinois brings itself to care.

Johnny can’t exactly phase through walls, but at least now he knows how to climb them.

Johnny Seo returns to the figure skating scene two years after his unexpected retirement as his half-brother Mark’s manager. With the Olympics fast approaching, can Johnny help Mark become the best skater he can be?

really really beautiful fic i love it so much

❅ johnny/yuta

Johnny Suh and Nakamoto Yuta of Apartment Number 1027 are just friends.

It’s all they’ve ever been, and it’s a dynamic that’s worked for them since they first met in the dorms, when they found out that they would be living in rooms from across each other on move-in day.


(Or, the fic on twitter where Yuta decides to get a nipple piercing and his love-struck best friend and roommate has no choice but to tag along while he does it.)

❅ jungwoo/lucas

His heart falters and Jungwoo is punch drunk on Lucas’ face and his eyes and his smell and the way that he holds him - carefully, tenderly, but not like he’ll break. He could spit a whole love song out of the way he looks at him now, and Jisung was right. Forever really isn’t long enough.

alternatively: somewhere between being trainees and idols, lucas and jungwoo find each other and cling on.

“Wait, who listens when they don’t want to?” Yukhei frowns. “What would be the point in that?”

Jungwoo smiles and Yukhei feels bad for interrupting him to ask such a dumb question. It’s just-- every time that Jungwoo talks about another guy, Yukhei finds it difficult not to switch off.

It’s a defence mechanism or something, some shit his brain has come up with to avoid having to think about Jungwoo’s never-ending line of potential suitors: all of whom are real, credible adults and not overgrown memes, and many of whom are also apparently complete dicks.

(or: a pining luwoo fic no one asked for.)

Yukhei falls sick. – Jungwoo / Yukhei (College!AU)

Hopeless romantic (and really tired) coffee shop worker Jungwoo is just going about his days (read: keeping Mark and Donghyuck from killing each other) when he starts getting hit on through....Yelp reviews? Who the hell is this 'W.Y.H' person and why does he keep saying Jungwoo's ass is so 'hella fine'?

And they say romance is dead.

Yukhei may be the devil, but he’ll be damned if he lets heaven take another soul.

Or, how Donghyuck’s arrival in limbo causes everything to collapse.

amazing read!

It starts when Lucas calls Jungwoo up to lament about his love life.

“I asked Mark to prom, but I think he thought I was asking him as a friend.”

It escalates when Jungwoo involves himself and, in trying to unravel a messy situation, only complicates it further.

Wong Yukhei seems to have the perfect life: he’s the CEO of a multinational corporation, owner of a handsome collection of sports cars, and the tabloids’ poster-boy for excess. He plays hard, drinks heavy, and he hasn’t dated since… ever.

The fact is he’s so deep in the closet that he can’t even admit the truth to himself.

That is, until he hires the down-and-out but unswervingly kind-hearted homebody, Kim Jungwoo, as his new Personal Assistant.

second of the only 2 ongoing fics in this list! i love this series so much ;;;

❅ lucas/mark

Mark sells strawberries by the roadside and Lucas' car runs out of gas on the way into work. Luckily, Mark's there to save the day.

There's a learning curve to being an idol. Yukhei's still figuring it out.

mark lee doesn’t understand why newcomer detective wong yukhei is praised like a god at their precinct while he’s still treated like a rookie by his colleagues. mark challenges yukhei to a bet to determine who the better detective is by comparing their respective arrest counts at the end of the year, but he gets more than he bargained for along the way.

alternatively, a brooklyn nine-nine au wherein a bet brings yukhei and mark together.

yukhei decides to foster a dog from the local shelter they volunteer at weekly without consulting mark beforehand and unsurprisingly, they both fall in love with it. when the dog leaves to its forever home, yukhei is devastated. mark decides to fix this by adopting a puppy for yukhei and they form a small dysfunctional family that mark wouldn’t trade for the world.

alternatively, yukhei and mark are boyfriends who start a family together by adopting a dog.

in which yukhei has a 500 won coin and mark indulges him.

❅ lucas/renjun

“renjun, why don’t you just sleep with yukhei tonight?” he turns his head to find kun looking at him, well, more so at chenle, but still. part of renjun wants to say no, because he know it won’t end well for him, but yukhei’s looking at him with this soft, excited look on his face and well, renjun’s never been good at saying no to yukhei.

❅ mark/jeno

Veela blood runs through Mark’s veins. Jeno calls it a challenge.

There's a ghost haunting Jeno's new apartment. Jeno wishes it did more interesting things than tidy up his kitchen and wake him up when his laundry is ready.

❅ mark/renjun

Four years later, Mark's high school crush comes back into his life. To produce his second solo album. Funnily enough, he doesn't remember Mark.

❅ taeil/taeyong

"Are you okay?" he blurts before he can tell himself to consider the situation, saying the first thing that popped into his head.

"Fan-fucking-tastic, you know? I just love bleeding to death." That's a lie, but even without his ability, Taeil could've figured that out. He blinks owlishly as he tries to think of what to do next. He reaches for a strawberry.

"Would a strawberry make you feel better?"

"No, it fucking wouldn't. I think my arm is broken."

❅ taeyong/ten

Taeyong never thought about getting a Sugar Daddy. Not until Johnny accidentally suggested it.

He certainly never imagined his new benefactor would be Seoul’s most eligible bachelor - young, attractive, and nauseatingly wealthy Ten.

Sometimes, his roommate’s ideas aren’t so terrible after all.

im so happy this fic finished!!! i didnt want to start on it when it still wasnt completed yet but one day i randomly decided to start it and :’) no regrets

5 times that Ten realises Taeyong is ‘The One’. And 1 time he tries to explain why to his ring designer.

side fic to living costs ❅ taeyong/winwin

Sicheng has never gone abroad. He’s never done a lot of things, like ridden on a boat or gotten drunk or fallen in love, but there’s always time for a first. (Or, the very simple universe where Sicheng is Weird and Taeyong is in charge of protecting him.)

yes hit me w that ~65k! yES

❅ taeyong/yuta

It's just tumblr, Taeyong thinks as he pours his heart out about his hopeless crush on his best friend to a stranger from the internet. No big deal.

Those round, dark eyes widen impossibly further.

“Yuta hyung!” Ten scolds, covering the bot’s ears with his hands. “He was literally born like two minutes ago, don't hurt his feelings!”


Or, the one where Taeyong is an android and Yuta is trying to deal with it.

In the midst of an unexpected rainy season, Yuta comes to terms with a few things.

❅ ten/winwin

Romcom dictates that when you are in love with your best friend, you keep it to yourself because you’re scared they won’t feel the same way and you end up breaking your friendship and your heart. Usually in fictional situations, however, the best friend is magically also into you. But this is reality, so Ten suppresses all thoughts of kissing Sicheng’s pout away.

Sicheng has trouble breathing. - Sicheng/Yongqin

❅ winwin/yuta

Sicheng has escaped the military compound where he's been held for two years. Separated from his brother in a storm, he sets out to find him again.

Yuta lives alone in the penthouse suite of an abandoned hotel, pretending not to be lonely, and from the roof he watches a figure approaching the city centre.

(Or, Yuta & Sicheng meet during the nuclear winter at the end of the world.)

It’s harder than he thought to be around Yuta. Sicheng wonders if it’s possible to want someone so much that it hurts to look at them.

Because that’s certainly what it feels like.

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