• liber libri (the book)
  • epistola apices (the handwritten letter)
  • adfero differo (the newspaper)
  • imago scriptus (the film print)
  • epistola imago (the postcard)
  • scriptorium publicus (the library)
  • refero epistola imago spp. (the postage stamp)
feb 21 2012 ∞
feb 21 2012 +
user picture Josephine: I didn't know there were names in Latin for these objects or spaces as though there were animal species. This is precious. feb 22 2012
user picture skye: Oh, there aren't... well, there are latin words for book and library, but I made most of these up with my own pig latin.
user picture MJ: I love love this list! What a wonderful idea. (though I disagree that both the book and the library are endangered) xx
user picture skye: Libraries are being closed in some countries, particularly England, and I feel the printed book is in some danger as well, although it's numbers remain strong for the moment. xx
user picture katrina: As a future librarian, this list is quite to my heart. I sometimes think of myself as a conservationist, this sums it up rather well. feb 24 2012
user picture S.: This list is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. feb 25 2012
user picture Anne: i love your creative Latin :) mar 1 2012