• Cybelle's Secret
  • Shoofly Girl
  • Everything Is Illuminated
  • The Blue Castle
  • The Golden Road
  • my own set of the Chronicles of Narnia
  • A book of poems by Robert Frost
  • The Princess and Curdie
  • Lilith
apr 24 2010 ∞
apr 22 2018 +
user picture MJ: Oh, lots of Juliet Marillier. I really liked Wildwood Dancing :) sep 7 2010
user picture Clara: haha, yes I love her books so much I really can't get enough of them. Wildwood Dancing is so wonderful.
user picture clare: i ♥ Chocolat... have you read any of her others? i have been waiting for the perfect set of the Chronicles of Narnia for so long... mar 23 2011
user picture Clara: oh yes I have! most of them infact, have you? and I know about the Narnia set, so hard to find when I can acutally afford it!
user picture clare: yes i have, i think five quarters of the orange is my favourite. i met her last year at a talk she gave at my local library and managed to get a signed copy of blueeyedboy! mar 29 2011
user picture Clara: WOAH! that's amazing, I liked five quarters alot too, and blackberry wine. I haven't read blueeyedboy though!
user picture carina maree: What a lovely list! I bought cocolat from the markets for only $3 I must get around to reading it. I also want to read wildwood dancing :) jul 20 2011
user picture Clara: oh yes, both are so good. I'm sure you will love them. :) jul 21 2011