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  • play it as it lays, joan didion
  • the white album, joan didion
  • the fake out, stephanie archer
  • a pediatra, andréa del fuego
  • divine rivals, rebecca ross
  • the herbwitch's apprentice, ireen chau
  • emily wilde's encyclopaedia of faeries, heather fawcett
  • a molecule away from madness: tales of the hijacked brain, sara manning peskin
  • just kids, patti smith
  • violeta, isabel allende
  • crying in h mart, michelle zauner
  • bride, ali hazelwood
  • happy place, emily henry
  • funny story, emily henry
  • again the magic, lisa kleypas
  • it happened one autumn, lisa kleypas
  • devil in winter, lisa kleypas
  • scandal in spring, lisa kleypas
  • the exception to the rule, christina lauren
  • elatsoe, darcie little badger
  • ruthless vows, rebecca ross
  • four weddings and a sixpence: an anthology, julia quinn, elizabeth boyle, laura lee guhrke & stefanie sloane
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