• The credits. They were absolutely amazing at first. "WOW! It's so classic! I'm going to love this!" But then it went on.. and on... and the planets were spinning faster... and faster... and the music was repeating again.. and again... There was almost vomit I felt so dizzy.
  • Lois Lane's computer password being 'Superman'. The bint's clever enough to add a gif. of herself wagging her finger, but not to realise SUPAMAN2006LOLLLZ may be a little less predictable.
  • Bosworth's lips continually inflating and deflating, with the 'sex doll' look being particularly perfected during the second plane ride.
  • Spacey's amateur dramatics. Overrated, fo shizzle.
  • James 'There ain't nout but air between there' Marsden. Plays the same character in every film he's ever been in. And I wouldn't pay to seem him do it even once.
  • Over-egging the pudding with the 360 degree shots of Superman flying. It was stunning enough when they kept it simple.
  • Singer. Why, why, why. He flubbed up XMen by introducing, and then doing nothing with, the characters and he pretty much did it again here. Bring on the MENTAL ANGUISH, yo.
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