• The fact that Parker Posey's character was called 'Kitty Kowalski' <333
  • Parker Posey in a maid's uniform.
  • Parker Posey in a dressage uniform.
  • Parker Posey in any uniform.
  • "Weren't there two of those?" LOL.
  • The Superhero's oh-so-dashing curl.
  • "It's freakin' Gone With the Wind."
  • Ms Lane's Pulitzer Prize dress. Oh yes.
  • The drawing the 'kid' did. Superman: check. Mummy: check. Daddy: check. Boggle-eyed version of myself with far more detail that anyone else, ALRIIIIIIGHT!
  • Lex Luthor: Kitty, what did my father always say?

Kitty Kowalski: You're losing your hair. Lex Luthor: Before that. Kitty Kowalski: Get out? (Secret - this almost made me WEE.)

  • The CGI. They were whipping the money, bi...
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  • The credits. They were absolutely amazing at first. "WOW! It's so classic! I'm going to love this!" But then it went on.. and on... and the planets were spinning faster... and faster... and the music was repeating again.. and again... There was almost vomit I felt so dizzy.
  • Lois Lane's computer password being 'Superman'. The bint's clever enough to add a gif. of herself wagging her finger, but not to realise SUPAMAN2006LOLLLZ may be a little less predictable.
  • Bosworth's lips continually inflating and deflating, with the 'sex doll' look being particularly perfected during the second plane ride.
  • Spacey's amateur dramatics. Overrated, fo shizzle.
  • James 'There ain't nout but air between there' Marsden. Plays the same character in every film he's ever been in. And I wou...
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  • "The thing about happiness is that it doesn't help you to grow; only unhappiness does that. So I'm grateful that my bed of roses was made up equally of blossoms and thorns." - Lana Turner
  • "The woman's vision is deep reaching, the man's far reaching. With the man the world is his heart, with the woman the heart is her world." - Betty Grable
  • "Of course, I've made mistakes and I have had failures, but I do not dwell on them because people don't care about garbage. When I make a mistake it's like a bad leaf on a lettuce - I throw it out into the waste basket." - Ginger Rogers
  • "Careful grooming may take twenty years off a woman's age, but you can't fool a flight of stairs." - Marlene Dietrich
  • "Not everyone is lucky enough to understand how delicious it is to suffer." - Katharine Hepburn
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