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——— summer

one. journaling. tired tired tired. don't wanna wake up and go to work. nurturing friendships in espro. sleep higiene. margot ♥. therapy and learning how to say no to others. reading a lot.

two. morgana is sick. i'm sick. i just want my baby to be healthy again. skipping work. spending quality time with my sister. going to the movies. fantasy books in one sitting.

three. call with ana because i miss my babygirl very much. feeling kinda upset. no energy. lighting a candle with ninth and gossip girl.

four. binge-watching old movies with boyfriend. pasta and funghi sauce. maybe efetivação. avatar. 2 hours of pilates. hell bent, avatar and yellowjackets obsession.

february one. party in the course. i do have friends. preparing for sao paulo trip. grocery shopping. nath at home. the kiss of deception. kinda regretting i have to travel.

two. fight. tried to kms. skipping work. bus trip. twice concert. making friends. meeting iaia and sah. having the time of my life. sleeping a lot. the heart of betrayal.

three. carnival. hot days. coffee and popcorn. youtube and books. just chilling. lighter than i’ve ever been. the beauty of darkness. tv shows with mom. had to quit pilates.

——— autumn

obsessed with dune. sister's birthday. kinda unhappy with work place.

jan 2 2024 ∞
mar 20 2024 +