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material things that i want (because i never know when people ask)

    • nice markers
    • OLLY probiotics
    • nature’s bounty hair and nails gummies (or any biotin supplement).
    • palmers coconut oil deep conditioning protein packs
    • avalon organics citrus face wash
    • any kind of plants/seeds
    • alocasia sanderiana, monstera or dracaena marginata plants
    • jewelry for my piercings (16g)
    • cute hippie jewelry in general
    • a donation to go to amnesty international or true north aid (or any other indigenous charity organization)
    • orange high waisted corduroy bell bottoms that fit me (but i know those dont exist)
    • a plump maverick or bunny ear cactus or a dracaena marginata (or really any plant/seeds)
    • groovy vintage clothes (xs, size 0 pants (23in waist even though no stores sell that except for childrens gap), size 2 dresses)
    • eyenvy eyelash serum
    • GT kombucha
    • plantasia "man with his plants" t shirt
    • nice vintage denim overalls (any colour but dark wash)
    • reptile hammock for my frog
    • general white's tree frogs supplies/decorations
    • these
    • bolthouse farms smoothies
    • lots of pure leaf iced tea
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