hyunlixminsung. hyunjin, jisung, minho, felix foursome. hyunlix brats, minho brat tamer. jisung sub.

hyunsung. domestic. jisung gets needy while hyunjin is mcing at music core.

hyunsung. hyunjin gets off on jisung scratching up his back.

hyunsung. they meet in the airport as strangers flying to the same city. hyunjin teases jisung at dinner, and they hastily head to the hotel to fuck.

jisung solo. inspired by his friend, jisung dresses up in pretty clothes, and then he gets himself off.

hyunsung. somno. jisung is asleep and grinding against hyunjin.

hyunsung. jisung wakes up in the middle of the night completely hard. he can’t get off by himself, so he wakes his roommate-with-benefits hyunjin up to help him.

hyunsung. hyunjin fucks jisung while they’re at a party/gathering their friends are having.

hyunsung. easy. jisung gives hyunjin a lap dance while singing easy to him.

hyunsung. jisung falls into subspace.

binsung. jisung riding changbin’s thigh(s).

minsung. jisung cock warming minho.

general audience

minsung. jisung is upset and shows up at minho’s house crying. minho comforts him despite not knowing what’s wrong.

hyunsung. jisung (little) has lost his supreme headband- his number one comfort item. hyunjin, his care giver, goes on a mad search to find it, and to provide jisung with a new comfort item in the meantime.

chansung. jisung drops into little space while his idol caregiver/boyfriend chan does an interview.

seungsung. snapshots of jisung and seungmin’s lives as caregiver and little. (7)

jisung centric. jisung suffering with his anxiety and the ways his members help him.

de-aged jisung. jisung turns into a literal baby.

minchan. jisung is a 3 month old baby, and minchan are struggling to calm him down and sleep.

jisung centric. jisung falls into little space due to stress and anxiety from filming two kids room.

chansung. I’ll protect you (I’ll always be with you). jisung misses his appa/caregiver (chan) in headspace. the thing is- chan is with him.

3racha. lost then found. chan and changbin are jisung’s caregivers. they consider themselves found family. college au.

chan + jilix. jisung and felix are Chan’s twin sons who cause trouble together.

hyunsung. playground. hyunjin is scared to go down the big slide. jisung helps him.


hyunsung angry making out.

minsung. jisung is a baby vampire who doesn’t want to feed from minho.

minsung. minho has a broken foot and uses it as an excuse to talk to jisung. high school au.

hyunsung. jisung goes on a date set up by his mom, but his date doesn’t show. hyunjin is on a bad date and slides into Jisung’s table to get away.

hyunsung. hyunjin is a vampire who doesn’t like to stand up for himself. jisung is his feisty human boyfriend.

hyunsung. different scenarios of hyunjin spending jisung’s birthday with him.

hyunsung. crack fic based on progressive commercials.

hyunsung. bubblegum. jisung wants to chew his last piece of gum, but hyunjin wants it too.

hyunsung. cracks. imagined hyunlix. jisung is recently diagnosed with depression and anxiety. he believes his boyfriend hyunjin is dating his college friend felix.

binsung. jisung is a disaster drunk.

binsung. jisung and changbin meet in a grocery store.

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