hyunsung. jisung doesn’t want to take over his fathers business. his father thinks he’s lost his mind, so he sends jisung on a vacation with his little brother jeongin to hopefully “come back with some sense” in him. hyunjin lives at the hotel they stay in year round, and at first tries to befriend jisung, but it goes wrong. the two knock heads, while jeongin becomes increasingly attached to hyunjin.

hyunsung. hyunjin and jisung’s affinity for touching each other explored. canon/idol verse.

hyunsung. jisung gets hard to hyunjin singing his song, so hyunjin fucks him while singing it.

hyunsung. hyunjin and jisung are rivals in college. they both come from silver spoon families, so their rivalry is stronger. they fuck behind everyone’s back and actually like each other, but pretend to hate each other in public.

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feb 27 2021 +

trying to know somebody you’ve never met

teen. angst. injury. amnesia. mistaken relationship. hyunsung, minsung.

jisung’s life seems to be going in a favorable direction- until he wakes up in a hospital with no recollection of the last four months of his life. follow along with jisung as he relearns those missing four months, and discovers the crumbs of a relationship he can’t remember.


general audience. fluff and angst. abusive themes. healing. age regression. little jisung. caregiver chan.

jisung is a little with a painful past. his past holds him back from seeking for a new caregiver, but with the encouragement of his friends he tries again. A recommendation for a website that matches caregivers with littles makes it easier for Jisung, and he finds someone he could begin...

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dec 14 2020 +

hyunsung football au

mature. slight friends with benefits. football player jisung. sports journalist hyunjin. college au.

jisung is the rising star of his university’s football team. over the years, he’s acquired a crush on the ever popular sports journalist major hwang hyunjin. when he slips up and calls hyunjin “baby” during an interview, jisung thinks that’s the end of it. until hyunjin is assigned to do a report on jisung for a class, and the two suddenly find themselves spending all their time together.

tennis au

teen. flirting. hyunsung. minor injury.

jisung is a professional tennis player, and injures himself practicing at home. his doctor tells him he needs physical therapy, and he hires an in home one. enter the insanely young and attractive hwang hyunjin. jisung is so screwed.

may 13 2017 ∞
dec 15 2020 +

omegafest. hyunsung. jisung is a hybrid who hyunjin adopted off the streets. one day a neighbor rats on them to the police, and jisung panics when they show up. nothing scares him more than the idea he’ll be taken away from hyunjin forever.

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don’t know anything but you




cold then hot

in the folds of my heart (take you everywhere)

general audience

hold your breath



spilling sunlight

last piece

strange circumstances

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hyunlixminsung. hyunjin, jisung, minho, felix foursome. hyunlix brats, minho brat tamer. jisung sub.

hyunsung. domestic. jisung gets needy while hyunjin is mcing at music core.

hyunsung. hyunjin gets off on jisung scratching up his back.

hyunsung. they meet in the airport as strangers flying to the same city. hyunjin teases jisung at dinner, and they hastily head to the hotel to fuck.

jisung solo. inspired by his friend, jisung dresses up in pretty clothes, and then he gets himself off.

hyunsung. somno. jisung is asleep and grinding against hyunjin.

hyunsung. jisung wakes up in the middle of the night completely hard. he can’t get off by himself, so he wakes his roommate-with-benefits hyunjin up to help him.

hyunsung. hyunjin fucks jisung while they’...

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