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disclaimer ; i really love angst.
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jaebeom + jinyoung

  • the grandfather paradox ⊰ jaebum locks himself in a cyclic normalcy of work, home, life, and the two people he now loves most in the world- his husband jinyoung and six-year-old son yugyeom. so when a mysterious teenager shows up in his life and messes all that up, to say that he's just a little displeased by the change would be an understatement. but jaebum soon discovers there's more to this quiet, truthful boy than meets the eye, and knows that he has just about four days to find out why. ♡
  • aesthesis ⊰ sometimes people have bad days. sometimes people feel too much and the excess spills out of their eyes as tears. for s...
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sungwoon + daniel

  • affinity, flowerwall ⊰ When Sungwoon thinks about the future, he sees himself, standing alone in an ocean of thoughts too complex and bizarre to be shared with anyone else. ♡
  • this is the spoiler to my heart ⊰ Sungwoon accidentally sends a compromising picture to everyone except the one guy it was intended for. This is a problem.
  • he will make you love again ⊰ Sungwoon spends nights after nights giving up the flutters of being in love, until a man comes and teaches him that he can fall in love too.
  • a primer for the small weird loves ⊰ Sungwoon is used to hooking up with people in the industry; a mutual understanding between the two parties based on unspoken rules and limits, but none of those people are Daniel and he eventually realises that none of them will get to Sungwoon like Daniel does.
  • bursting firework ⊰ The fireworks blooms in the sky just...
mar 28 2018 ∞
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「 currently under construction !!! 」

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currently reading:

  • warmth platonic chan + jisung, romantic minho + jisung ⊰ under any other cirumstances, jisung would not have done it. he swears on his life. but he was just so damn hungry. (au in which jisung is a homeless kid who tries to steal some rich foreign guy's wallet and is found out - fate works in mysterious ways.) ♡
  • because he's pretty minho + jisung ⊰ lee minho has no shame in getting what he wants, and if he has to use the adorable boy called han jisung to get it then so be it. or that college au where broke dance major minho wants in on the free couples spa trip and science major jisung happens to be there when he needs a fake boyfriend.
  • oasis in the desert minho + jisung ⊰ han jisung is sloppy kisses in dark corners, he’s the lips on minho’s neck at 2am, he’s the sugary taste of fruits, he’s the sweaty skin under minho’...
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pairings consisting of the hyung line

currently reading:

  • where we stand jaehyun + winwin ⊰ unfinished. Sicheng and Jaehyun have something that works. There's no reason to fuck that up. ♡

taeyong + jaehyun

  • back to you ⊰ Taeyong remembers how he always thought Jaehyun's mouth was made to smile, his eyes meant to light up and crinkle, always kind, genuine, manifesting a child like innocence. ♡
  • this is it ⊰ Taeyong and Jaehyun both struggle with their own issues while trying to be together. cw: mentions of past rape/non-con, anxiety, domestic abuse, internalized homophobia.
  • easy ⊰ Jung Jaehyun wasn't someone that was easily shaken because in this city, he was the one who shook everyone else. cw: mafia au, prostitution, violence.
  • don't pretend like you don't like it ⊰ “Don’t,” Jaehyun says softly. “...
jul 14 2017 ∞
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pairings consisting of the dreamies

currently reading:

  • you, in my arms mark + donghyuck ⊰ Mark wasn't expecting to be thrown a curve ball at the start of his senior year of high school--his private, mundane, Christian boarding school. Even more unexpected was that it would come in the shape of a flashy, quick-witted, bronzed teenage boy. Just like everyone else, they start off as strangers, quickly becoming friends after meeting and...staying friends. Mark didn't really anticipate anything past that. But somewhere between the stolen glances and sneaking out past curfew, the shared smiles and laughing so hard his sides feel about ready to burst, the gentle touches and carding fingers through fading, fiery hair on his lap. Somewhere between these precious, everyday moments, Mark finds himself falling in love with Lee Donghyuck.
mar 28 2018 ∞
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