hyunsung. jisung doesn’t want to take over his fathers business. his father thinks he’s lost his mind, so he sends jisung on a vacation with his little brother jeongin to hopefully “come back with some sense” in him. hyunjin lives at the hotel they stay in year round, and at first tries to befriend jisung, but it goes wrong. the two knock heads, while jeongin becomes increasingly attached to hyunjin.

hyunsung. hyunjin and jisung’s affinity for touching each other explored. canon/idol verse.

hyunsung. jisung gets hard to hyunjin singing his song, so hyunjin fucks him while singing it.

hyunsung. hyunjin and jisung are rivals in college. they both come from silver spoon families, so their rivalry is stronger. they fuck behind everyone’s back and actually like each other, but pretend to hate each other in public.

hyunsung. jisung is a lonely and sad flower shop worker who knows nothing about flowers. hyunjin is a customer who likes him. he wants to cheer jisung up when he sees him having a tough time, and learns about flowers for him- not knowing jisung is clueless.

hyunsung. jisung is a cheerleader and hyunjin is a bad boy. jisung asks hyunjin to help him stretch, and entices hyunjin to wreck him.

hyunsung. hyunjin moves him and his son jeongin to a new town to start over. his next door neighbor seems to be cuter than hyunjin can handle though- and good for jeongin too.

hyunsung. completely defenseless. Hyunjin and jisung are both soloists who’s conflicting schedules keep them apart. to spend time together, they plan their tours together.

hyunsung. hyunjin and jisung get married for a green card. or that’s the excuse- really they’re both secretly in love with each other.

hyunsung + seunglix. hyunsung teach seunglix are dom/sub relations.

hyunsung. hyunjin bottoms.

hyunsung. hyunjin and jisung were high school boyfriends who went to different universities. they promised each other at graduation to be together again, and now that they’re four years are up, hyunjin makes to keep this promise. he goes on a road trip to get back to get back to jisung, and pick him up from his school across the country (USA).

chansung. safe haven movie au.

hyunsung. unrequited minsung. while you were sleeping au slightly modified.

hyunsung. jisung can’t afford his rent anymore and needs to find a roommate. the only problem is- it’s only big enough to fit one bed. struggling model to be hwang hyunjin doesn’t care though- even if jisung turns out to be a cuddler.

hyunsung. jisung is the newly claimed son of poseidon who is in complete denial, and hyunjin is the son of aphrodite who won’t stop flirting with him.

hyunsung. jisung and hyunjin are in a relationship, but the fans are stuck on their old “enemies” relationship. it puts a strain on them, and they start second guessing their relationship, leading to what they both believe is the inevitable- the end of their relationship.

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