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jelly christmas 2012 X 2013 heart ♥ project korea 121206

  • 크리스마스니까 (because it's christmas) (mv)
  • 크리스마스니까 (because it's christmas) (inst.)

with: park hyo shin, sung si kyung, seo in guk, vixx, lee suk hoon

ponytail korea 131007

with: j'kyun, ken

y.bird from jellyfish island with vixx & okdal korea 131010

  • 여자는 왜 (girls, why?) (mv)
  • i'm a boy, you're a girl
  • 여자는 왜 (girls, why?) (inst.)

with: oksang dalbit, vixx

the heirs ost pt. 1 korea 131024

  • 사랑이라는 이름으로 (in the name of love)

info: ken solo

jelly christmas 2013 korea 131210

  • 겨울고백 (winter confession) (mv)
  • 겨울고백 (winter confession) (inst.)

with: vixx, sung si kyung, park hyo shin, seo in guk, little sister

the heirs ost pt. 2 korea 131211

  • 사랑이라는 이름으로 (in the name of love) (eng. version)

info: ken solo

deux 20th anniversary tribute album pt. 7 korea 140114

  • 나를 돌아봐 (turn around and look at me)

rock the world america 140428

  • rock the world (mv)

with: chad future, ravi

y.bird from jellyfish with lyn x leo korea 140804

  • 꽃잎놀이 (blossom tears) (mv)

with: leo, lyn

you are my destiny ost pt. 5 korea 140806

info: ken solo

hitmaker: big bottle korea 140819

  • stress, come on! (mv)

with: n, hyuk, sungjae, jackson

hitmaker series 2: big bottle korea 150116

  • squids and soy paste (mv)

with: n, hyuk, sungjae, jackson

chess the musical korea 150604

info: ken solo

빈틈 korea 150624

with: ken, hani

diamond love ost china 150722

  • diamond love

with: ravi, rain

LR mini album korea 150817

  • beautiful liar (mv)
  • remember
  • 할말
  • ghost
  • my light

info: leo and ravi sub-unit

one dream one korea korea 150917

  • one dream one korea (mv)

info: multiple artists including ken

call you mine international 151022

info: hyuk solo

melodyday second winter ballad korea 151227

  • when it rains (mv)

with: melodyday, ravi

pre-release ravi first mixtape: r.ebirth korea 160104

with: microdot

i'm serious korea 160110

  • i'm serious

with: kiggen, eluphant, ravi, esbee

moorim school ost pt. 1 korea 160118

  • alive

pre-release ravi first mixtape: r.ebirth korea 160121

with: basick

moorim school ost pt. 2 korea 160201

  • the king

pre-release ravi first mixtape: r.ebirth korea 160205

love yourself international 160214

  • love yourself (mv)

info: hyuk solo

moorim school ost pt. 4 korea 160222

  • 그댈보면 (when i see you)

info: ken solo

ravi first mixtape: R.EBIRTH korea 160312

  • r.ebirth
  • move
  • lean on me
  • ox (ft. basick)
  • 뇌비우스의 띠 (ft. ESBEE)
  • control (interlude)
  • 끄덕끄덕 (ft. donutman)
  • 착한 여자 (ft. 한해, soulman)
  • do the dance
  • where should i go (ft. microdot)
  • where should i go

info: listen here

use me korea 160501

  • use me

with: kim wan-sun, ravi

jong shin yoon's melody monthly korea 160531

  • over sleep mv

info: ken solo

jelly box: damnra korea 160614

  • damnra (ft. sam&sp3ck) mv

info: ravi solo

wave korea 160618

with: microdot, ravi, lil boi

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