• decided to not work all the way up until cali trip and instead take two weeks off for camp and have some free time to spend with myself...and family and friends (thus sacrificing approx. $750 that could have gone toward school tuition BUT I DON'T CARE BECAUSE I AM DONE WORKING AND GIVING MY LIFE AWAY TO STARBUCKS I JUST WANNA LIIIIIIIVE)
  • 06: greek fries with abe and josh, driving up to cypress, timmies on the way, abe coming up with the crazy idea of driving all the way up to the mountain peak, then after passing the lookout he says "cabin in the woods", after which we all start to shout at each other and freak out, josh in a deadly serious tone repeatedly yells "ABE I'M GOING TO KILL YOU I'M GOING TO KILL YOU", and if you know josh he's not much to yell or even speak audibly, so we u-turn and finally stop at lookout point, showing the boys which dot in the sky is the planet saturn, repeatedly pointing out the big dipper, looking straight up at the sky and seeing vega and the rest of lyra, lying on my back and admiring the stars, hoping to catch a glimpse of a shooting star, hoping i get to see more of this when i'm at lancaster, pointing out to abraham that real stars don't actually becoming shooting stars, or at least the "shooting stars" that we see, just lots of bickering with abraham in general, abe freaking me out by toeing the edge of the cliff, just sitting and chilling in the car in the dark and slowly getting sleepier. finally got home at 1:30am. stayed awake for the longest time, lots of self re-evaluation and singing what a friend we have in jesus for like two hours straight. finally going to bed at 4:30am.
  • 07: jon dropped by starbucks today. bethany said he asked her "if she raved." and so after some discussion bethany was prompted to ask me if i had ever partied. i still don't know if i should have lied to her or not. i don't know if i trust her, i don't even talk to her that much, but it's not that big of a big deal to me anymore i guess so i don't feel too harangued by my decision.
  • singing you never give me your money and golden slumbers to myself in the middle of the night when i'm home alone

things that han, the boys, and i have done this summer:

  • friday night adventure on the sea to sky - parking in the wrong place and not having an idea of where we were; getting lost on private property; finally getting to the place i wanted to go to and discovering that it was closed off; spent thirty minutes in the dark with a dying flashlight and the stars for light, trying to figure out what to do because abe only had a quarter full tank of gas; so hannah and i spent the next ten minutes reassuring abraham that we'll make it to squamish (where the nearest 24/7 gas station was) because when abraham is nervous, everyone else is nervous; got to squamish and the stick on his gas metre barely moved; went back down the sea to sky feeling much more relaxed; stopped by furry creek and spent about 30 minutes in total silence - boys sitting on their hoods, hannah in the car, and me lying in the middle of the parking lot looking at and listening to the stars
  • multiple trips to bubble tea after wednesday night service
    • abe has about $1.50 in THe Douche Jar
    • i owe abe like 6 chocolate timbits
  • castle fun park - playing 4-way air hockey: won first game, abe won second (so competative), hannah and i getting sore right arms until two days after; utterly failing at ddr; sitting in the indoor ocean themed mini-golf area; then going to timmies across the street and sitting there until 2am in the morning (IN FREAKING ABBOTSFORD) talking about pretty much everything; abe's "2% fabness"; hannah playing with my hair
    • castle fun park takes a big aim at younger children but they played the sickest dubstep tracks and remixes i've heard in such a place and hannah and i were just like flailing our arms and singing out loud and dancing around the arcade
  • boston pizza sunday night before camp
  • night market for about the 23849203498th time; finally bought socks and korean pens for college; dundarave park - forgetting how to swing, just missed two disaster meetings with skunks on the beach, sitting on the bench with han, admiring the sweet bromance between abe and josh (so cute! i love bromances. gives me so much hope), and han and i trying to have ou own woman talks; wanting to go home after but abe was like "we're going to the top of cypress this time!" so we went and found a nice picnic area and prime stargazing location (for the next time we go. it was cloudy windy and freezing cold when we went there); discussion about our absentee fathers with josh - hannah hates driving with josh and i usually drive with abe but this time i switched so han could have a break. it wasn't bad. and josh understands how much i hate it when abe plays his stupid music at like 2am when we're all obviously too freaking tired to even be in the mood. han and abe absolutely hate it when no music is playing in the car, which is something i hate in turn, but on the way home josh was like "it's okay janise you don' have to choose any songs" and in my head i was like "YOSHUA YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING OKAY I'M GOING TO SLEEP NOW"
  • abe can be a douche and josh is kind of in limbo and hannah sometimes i don't understand and perhaps they're not the most godly teenagers or christian influences in the world but we're still going to see each other on the other side of eternity and i still freaking love them. gunna miss our late night drives and arguments and silences when i go to california
  • new listography
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