• Got up at 7am after hanging out in #pubwrite Waaaaay too late.
  • Drove to parents house, chugged coffee, got a bellyache
  • Went to dinky podunk parade in hometown. Sat out in the rain for said parade for about an hour.
  • Walked downtown to get a strawberry shortcake from the old ladies who've been selling them after the parade since I was wee.
  • Went back to parents house, ate a metric ton of pasta salad, as well as a cheeseburger
  • Went home, made tuna noodle salad for next picnic
  • Drove to picnic, sat out in the sun, sweat.
  • Sweat sweat sweat
  • Found some shade, but then it was time to eat again
  • Comfort daughter after she was mildly attacked by my best friend's new puppy. Puppy ripped daughter's new skirt with mangy puppy teeth.
  • Took daughter to the new park to blow off steam and make up for dog attack
  • Walked down to the duckpond and got attacked by mosquitos
  • Went home, hosed off the child. Well, showered her..
  • Took my own shower, sat in bed, enter the interwebs.

It was a good, if hectic, Memorial Day. How was yours?

may 30 2011 ∞
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user picture Wren: LOL, I just put up the background I used on my blog and realized it's nearly exactly the same as yours. I used a scanned piece of tape for mine, did you make yours yourself? jun 4 2011