• anakin skywalker (star wars)
  • belle (beauty and the beast)
  • captain america (marvel)
  • carl grimmes (the walking dead)
  • elizabeth bennet (pride and prejudice)
  • emil sinclair (demian)
  • enjolras (les miserables)
  • hermione granger (harry potter)
  • jack frost (rise of the guardians)
  • jack skellington (the nightmare before christmas)
  • jim hawkins (treasure planet)
  • katniss everdeen (the hunger games)
  • kaz brekker (six of crows)
  • klaus baudelaire (a series of unfortunate events)
  • mary crawley (downton abbey)
  • nick carraway (the great gatsby)
  • randall pearson (this is us)
  • richard gansey III (the raven cycle)
  • rory gilmore (gilmore girls)
  • sansa stark (game of thrones)
  • sirius black (harry potter)
  • stevie bell (truly devious)
  • zoya nazyalensky (king of scars)

alphabetized because it is impossible to make a correct order

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