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don’t be afraid to say these words
say goodbye until we meet.

if we’re able to find the thing that is precious
say goodbye once again.

会えるまで follows:
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stay gold.
brigtter leitura (lendo em 2020)
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A road that I get lost on as I can’t see the end, I’m afraid about what lies ahead towards something that’s waiting for me. One step and one step I courageously take one step forward this time, everything has stopped the way it was therefore, illuminate this road answer the things that I didn’t know as I was wandering around the maze. Now I want to walk through this maze as two people.

一 迷路, B1A4.

b i a n c a

  • 00 line
  • istj; sagittarius, rising cancer and libra moon
  • pt-br/eng 一 she/her
  • majoring in pharmacy
oct 15 2017 ∞
feb 8 2019 +