Things to Know About Me

☆ I'm an Anti ☆

☆ I am critical of my interests ☆

☆ I'm both ace and an inclusionist. If that bothers you then don't interact. ☆

☆ I have a "MOGAI" gender and use neopronouns. If that bothers you then do not interact. ☆

☆ Pansexuality has some transphobic roots (hearts not parts) but fuck off if you think anyone that identifies as pan is transphobic ☆

☆ Fiction affects Reality. Your gross rape/incest/pedo ship is harmful to IRL people and you should stop ☆

☆ Calling characters fascist, homophobic, racist etc. for Fandom Discourse Points or "jokes" is disgusting and frankly, disrespectful. ☆

☆ Transmedicalism is inherently misogynistic and transphobic ☆

☆ Butch and Femme aren't historically Lesbian Exclusive but they are now and saying that they are isn't TERF rhetoric. ☆

☆ People liking a terrible character doesn't mean they condone the characters actions. Ask, don't assume. ☆

☆ No, liking villain characters is NOT the same as condoning rape/incest/pedophilia in fiction :) your a clown if you think me supporting one and not the other is "hypocritical" ☆

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