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  • putting on panties that just came out of the dryer / wrapping myself in a comforter that just came out of the dryer
  • when I get in line and suddenly it becomes crazy long
  • when my pee is really light
  • recognizing actors from non-major roles they played and saying aloud the connection
  • being in someone's room for the first time and being able to explore
  • when people tell me they couldn't figure out my ethnicity, or tell me they thought I was some other ethnicity
  • girls in bands as something other than the lead singer (non-girl-bands)
  • waking up after a night out and trying to remember how I got back to my room and into my bed
  • the feeling you get when you put on a fave pair of panties
  • when someone notices my cartilage piercing for the first time
  • when a demo is better than the official version
  • taking off a boy's pants, especially if I have to undo a belt first
  • shirts and dresses that let me get away with not wearing a bra
  • kissing freckles or beauty marks
  • noticing for the first time that someone is left-handed
  • expelling a pipette tip
  • the feeling of taking off a bra
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