• Theron Clint- Theron's really uncommon, cool and strong, it means hunter which is relevant to my husband who looooves hunting, and it rhymes with what for years was my favorite girls name (Erin)whcih is a name I can no longer use since my husband has a relative named Erin Ingle; Clint would be after my friend Clint who was killed in a car crash summer of '10.
  • Simon Jude- I've always thought the name Simon was adorable plus it's biblical; Jude is another name I've always adored that I think sounds amazing with Simon and is also biblical
  • Hugh Logan- Hugh's just a really cool name I've always liked but have totally fallen in love with; Logan was a name I was kind of indifferent to because of it's consistently high popularity, but I don't see problems with using popular names as MN's, and a little boy I had in daycare over the summer totally made me love this name! (his name was Logan Matthew)


  • Brenna Ruth- Brenna's been one of my fave girl anmes for several years, it's so soft and pretty and I like the meaning; Ruth is a name I've loved since I was a little girl, and it means companion/friend and I would use it as a first name but hubby likes it best for a middle name since it's his grandma's name
  • Keturah Temperance- I discovered Keturah a few years ago after reading a book entitled Keturah and then I looked it up and found out it was biblical and I love it soo much and think it's just gorgeous; Temperance I'd never heard of as a name until I saw the show Bones (my favorite show) and though the name certainly isn't AFTER the show or the character, I love virtue names, I love the idea of temperance, and I love how it sounds with Keturah.
  • Violet Emma- Violet, as I'm sure most of you know, has been my faaaaavorite girl's name for about seven years now; the only reason it's not further up is because of its consistenly rising popularity; Emma's a name I absolutely adore because of its quaint beauty and classic air, but it's waaaaayyy too popular for me to consider as a first name. Emma's not 100% as Violet's MN.
  • Hope Lenora- I've always like Hope, but I thought it was much more popular than it was (it's only #245), and I love virtue names and this one in particular, plus I have a good associaton with it; Lenora is a gorgeous name that would be after Rodney's grandma Nora Lee.
  • Saoirse Fern- Saoirse's a name that I find gorgeous, I love the meaning (freedom), and my faaaaave actress has this name (Saoirse Ronan, google her!), the only reason it's not further up is because I haven't especially convinced Rodney on this name yet lol; Fern is a lovely old-fashioned name that I adore that would also be after Rodney's grandpa Vern.
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